Kasm Technologies pioneers Device-as-a-Service Solution with Lenovo

Kasm Technologies

Kasm Technologies Becomes a Global Software Partner with Lenovo to Establish a Transformational Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) Solution.

Kasm Technologies, a leading provider of secure workspace solutions, proudly announces its new status as a Global Software Partner with Lenovo. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone for Kasm Technologies, empowering the company to leverage Lenovo’s extensive global reach and robust device portfolio to offer innovative Device-as-a-service solutions.

An on-demand demonstration of a desktop streamed directly to your browser: https://lenovo.kasm.technology/#/cast/desktop

Through this partnership, Kasm Technologies aims to revolutionize endpoint management by integrating its secure workspace solutions with Lenovo’s renowned hardware offerings. By combining Kasm’s advanced technology with Lenovo’s devices, organizations can access comprehensive DaaS solutions designed to address key challenges in today’s digital workspace landscape.

“Kasm Technologies is thrilled to join forces with Lenovo as a Global Software Partner,” said Jaymes Davis, CPO at Kasm. “This partnership enables us to build on Lenovo’s established relationship with IGEL and extend our joint capabilities to deliver cutting-edge DaaS solutions. By leveraging a Preventative Security Model™, we aim to help organizations reduce endpoint inflation, carbon footprint, and IT costs while extending the life of their assets.”

By harnessing Lenovo’s existing collaboration with IGEL, Kasm Technologies can seamlessly integrate its workspace solutions into Lenovo’s device ecosystem. This collaboration streamlines procurement processes and enhances the availability of DaaS solutions for customers globally through Lenovo’s authorized channels.

The partnership between Kasm Technologies and Lenovo signifies a commitment to innovation, security, and sustainability in the digital workspace arena. Together, they empower organizations to transform their endpoint management strategies, enhance security postures, and optimize operational efficiency.

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