Karat Acquires Adaptive Assessment Technology From Triplebyte

This acquisition creates the only end-to-end solution that helps companies evaluate developer talent from preliminary assessment to in-depth interviews


Karat, the world’s largest interviewing company, today announced the acquisition of Triplebyte’s technical assessment product and team. The acquisition adds a unique top-of-funnel, skills-based assessment to Karat’s suite of Interviewing Cloud offerings, helping organizations identify and hire the best tech talent faster, more accurately, and fairly.

The ability to quickly make confident hiring decisions is more important now than ever, especially for organizations seeking to improve their hiring quality and candidate experience. Today, Karat’s clients trust the company to conduct in-depth, high-quality interviews for software engineers. With this acquisition, Karat gains an adaptive assessment technology that dynamically adjusts to the skill level of each candidate, collecting more information from each question asked. This enables recruiting and engineering leaders to unlock high-volume applicant pools, reduce the bias found in resume screens and keyword searches, and confidently advance the right candidates to interviews.

“Karat is the only technical hiring solution that takes candidates seamlessly from job application to job offer,” said Mohit Bhende, Karat Co-Founder and CEO. “With more high-quality tech talent on the market than ever before, now is the time for companies to invest in hiring software engineers – and it starts by strengthening your interview process and candidate experience.”

This acquisition will help organizations improve the quality, efficiency, and equity of their hiring in three meaningful ways. First, recruiting teams can now give every candidate the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities without deferring to resume screens that reinforce pedigree bias. Second, the technology replaces automated code tests which have high candidate drop-off rates and low predictiveness, thereby improving the candidate experience while grounding hiring recommendations in real-world engineering skills. Third, with an integrated solution, engineers will seamlessly advance from the job application to final round interviews, improving the speed and consistency of the entire hiring process.

“Our goal at Triplebyte was to make real-world engineering skills the most important requirement for getting a shot at a job in tech,” noted Ammon Bartram, Triplebyte CEO. “By combining our adaptive assessment technology with the Interviewing Cloud, Karat is creating a unique solution that eliminates pedigree bias, delights candidates and delivers an unparalleled amount of hiring signal.”

Karat’s strategic acquisition focuses on Triplebyte’s assessment product and content library. Triplebyte’s sourcing business, Magnet, and its candidate talent network will wind down, effective March 31, and Karat will anonymize the underlying data for analytics purposes.

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