Interview with Chief Growth Officer, PeopleStrategy – Jim Prekop

1. Tell us about your role at PeopleStrategy?
As the Chief Growth Officer for PeopleStrategy, I am responsible for managing the company’s revenue generations through all sales channels. This involves building and executing strategies to market and sell our comprehensive solutions consisting of a strategic combination of an end-to-end HR technology suite and employee benefits consulting services to the SMB market.

2. Can you tell us about your journey into this market?
My first venture into this market began with an ERP solution provider targeting the Fortune 500 market. This company helped to shape the market by adding new business processes and introducing the concept of integrated analytics into HR software. We also adapted our technology to each delivery model as it shifted over time – from Client Server to the Web and to the most current Software as a Service (SaaS). I also had the opportunity to start and lead a company, so I have experienced the HR technology market as both a provider and a user.

3. How do you think technology is changing the HR Sector?
Cloud technology has allowed solution providers to deliver historically “large company” solutions to the SMB market. The ability to leverage technology to bring value to the full, “hire-to-retire” employee lifecycle has changed the game. PeopleStrategy’s products and services are specifically designed to equip small companies with the tools and resources necessary to compete with large organizations in the war for talent.

4. How has technology contributed to more efficient workforce management?
Growth companies can focus on the “What” they want and use technology to deliver it in a way to improve the work experience. Our technology allows us to engage the employee where it is most convenient for them – whether that is at the office, remote location or even at home using their personal device.

5. What are the major human capital management issues that your system helps in solving?
PeopleStrategy’s software offers employers a single platform through which to manage the full lifecycle of an employee – recruiting, hiring, tracking time, getting paid, enrolling in benefits, evaluating performance, planning compensation, reporting and more – which saves HR, payroll and benefits professionals significant time. As a modular solution, clients can pick the functionality they need today and add new features and capabilities over time as their needs change. This saves our clients time and money as they avoid overbuying a solution or having to replace a system they’ve outgrown.
In addition to our technology suite, PeopleStrategy offers clients the opportunity to further maximize their return on investment (ROI) by employing us as the broker of record. As a full-service broker, we have an experienced team of benefits consultants who work closely with our clients to develop a long-term sustainable benefits strategy. As the workforce demographics have changed so have the needs employees have with respect to the benefits offered by their employer. We help our clients respond to shifting employee expectations and constantly changing regulatory requirements by identifying the right mix of traditional insured benefits plans, voluntary and non-insured programs and services and emerging benefit trends. This allows our clients to offer a comprehensive benefits package that attracts and retains the best talent.

6. How do you differentiate your HR software from others available in the market?
PeopleStrategy is the only full-service broker that offers a proprietary technology platform with the depth and breadth we offer. Our software can meet the needs of both a 50-employee company that wants only payroll and core HR functionality and a 1000-plus employee company with complex workflows and advanced HR functions.

7. What advice would like to give to upcoming HR Tech StartUps?
Organizations looking to enter the HR technology world should focus on what long-term value they can offer an employer. There are lots of start-ups in our space and many are backed by high-powered equity sources that focus on generating sales volume using “gimmicks” or flashy bells and whistles. Quite frankly, those customers often turn into our prospects. We often hear that while they thought they were buying a complete solution, they quickly learned it lacked certain core functionality or could not meet their requirements as the company evolved. We also see start-ups that rely on partnerships to offer an end-to-end platform only to find those partnerships dissolve, leaving their clients at risk. There are been recent examples of this in the news.

8. What technology do you believe will leave its mark in 2020?
Of course, any mention of technology must include AI, but it has to be in the context of solving a problem. As an integrated system, PeopleStrategy’s reporting offers great insight into workforce trends because of our integrated data model. At the same time, we can expose our data to additional analytical processes or roll ups for deeper insight into the business.

9. What is the vision PeopleStrategy is working on?
We are focused on being a long-term partner for our customers by helping them effectively attract, manage, engage and retain the most important part of their business – their people. To achieve this vision,

we listen closely to our customers and carefully watch the market so we can continuously offer the most and current technology and benefit solutions.

10. What major developments are you planning?
We have a great 2020 roadmap that includes enhancements to our payroll, performance and core HR functions. We also are looking to expand our partnerships with technology solutions providers that complement our technology, referral partners who target the same audience and certified partners who share our commitment to leveling the playing field for small and mid-sized companies. PeopleStrategy is focused on continuous improvement in order to meet our clients’ changing business requirements with speed and agility.

11. Can you tell us about your team and how it supports you?
We have a great team. We follow a consultative engagement process (as opposed to traditional, high-powered selling) when working with potential customers and clients. Our sales process begins with discovery and analysis calls focused on uncovering and understanding a prospect’s business processes, pain points and goals and objectives. We involve our implementation and technical resources in the sales process to help ensure a smooth transition from contract signing to production. Prospects also enjoy the benefits of having a licensed broker to consult with throughout the process regardless of a decision to use those services immediately or in the future. The team supports our prospects from all perspectives which, in turn, supports me as I establish goals for the company.

12. What book are you reading these days?
I love to read and like to mix up the subjects. I try to read current “business” books such as, “What It Takes – Lesson in the Pursuit of Excellence” by Stephen Schwarzman, the CEO of Blackstone. I also enjoy classic fiction authors like John Sanford and James Patterson.

13. We have heard that you have a very joyful work culture, so can you share with us some of the fun pictures of your workplace?
As a highly remote workforce, it can be challenging to get everyone together, but we try to do so over the holidays. I’ve shared a few photos from our holiday gatherings.

14. What favorite apps do you use on your phone?
When it comes to my phone, I rely most heavily on the basics like weather, airline, hotel and traffic Apps. Pretty boring, but it gets me through the week!

Jim Prekop Chief Growth Officer, PeopleStrategy

Jim is Senior growth focused executive with time proven success delivering exceptional results in developing and executing business and product development strategies/sales for industry leading enterprises. He is currently the Chief Growth officer for PeopleStrategy.


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