Inclusively, Salesforce Enhance Accessibility Resources and Support

New AI interface will enable Salesforce employees to access accommodations and support in real time

Inclusively, a leading workforce inclusion platform and Salesforce, the #1 AI CRM, expanded their partnership today to deepen Salesforce’s accessibility resources and support. The collaboration will include an AI-enabled interface that will help Salesforce employees easily and confidentially find benefits to help them best show up in the workplace.

“We believe the workplace should be a place where everyone can thrive,” said Catherine Nichols, VP of the Office of Accessibility at Salesforce. “We’ve been deeply invested in accessibility for years and we’re excited to harness the power of AI to help our employees unlock more productivity, fulfillment, and support.”

Salesforce previously piloted Inclusively’s AI tool over six weeks. The tool will complement Salesforce’s accommodations process, helping employees more easily discover workplace resources that enable success by leveraging AI to offer solutions specific to the employee’s needs. The tool will also provide Salesforce’s Office of Accessibility with anonymized, aggregated feedback to better understand how its accessibility benefits are being used.

“Salesforce has always been a leader in inclusive workplace strategies,” said Charlotte Dales, CEO and Co-Founder of Inclusively. “They understand the importance of empowering employees to work in ways they are most productive and happy and we’re thrilled to help them connect employees with the access layers and support they need to succeed.”

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