IgniteTech’s Jive Personas unveiled at ImagineAI Live

IgniteTech CEO Eric Vaughan announces Jive Personas, empowering Jive customers with AI avatars that "clone" workers to allow digital interaction with Jive and the human SME personas


IgniteTech, the AI Enterprise Software Company, announced the launch of Jive Personas. This pioneering new feature utilizes the power of Generative AI to create role-specific knowledge-based personas, delivering information in the form of lifelike digital assistants within its Jive software solution. Jive is an Employee Experience Platform deployed globally across multiple industries and government organizations, empowering the ability to share knowledge, connect people, and drive engagement. IgniteTech’s CEO, Eric Vaughan unveiled Jive Personas during his main stage session at the inaugural ImagineAI Live conference, dubbed the “Woodstock of Enterprise AI.”

Jive Personas leverages multimodal Large Language Models (LLMs) to process various inputs including natural speech, text, images and videos. The realistic, 3D Jive Persona goes beyond a generic studio avatar to represent the person that the company already knows—mirroring not only the person’s physical appearance but also their voice. When faced with questions beyond the current information in a company’s database, the Jive Persona reaches out to its human counterpart, the Persona Owner, in real time, gathering new information and instantly updating its knowledge base. Jive Personas even enables multiple languages, beyond the Persona Owner’s capabilities, a critical feature for today’s global workforce. IgniteTech posted a video demonstrating the power of Jive Personas at https://ignitetech.com/helloJivePersonas.

“Jive Personas fundamentally changes how users experience their digital workspaces. IgniteTech’s AI-powered software engineering enables Jive customers to create digital versions of their knowledge sources for various functions. Essentially, Jive uses GenAI to put Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in multiple places at the same time,” said Eric Vaughan, IgniteTech’s CEO. “The line between the human SME and their digital ‘clone’ blurs, extending that person’s knowledge to everyone, eliminating the need for one-to-one interactions to access information, and creating profound,  exponential benefits throughout the organization. Unlimited SMEs/Personas can be added at any time for each organization’s needs.”

Since early in 2023, IgniteTech’s AI-first model has worked to deliver breakthrough technological innovations to customers, as the future moves towards direct, natural language interactions to find the information needed, Jive Personas will reinvent workplace productivity across industries.

Jive Personas builds upon the company’s earlier introduction of Jive CoPilot in July 2023, the first AI-powered feature released for the Jive platform. Jive Personas will ship to customers in Q3 of 2024.

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