HRTech Interview with Dan Westgarth, COO at Deel

Explore Deel's Compliance Hub and its role in navigating regulatory changes worldwide.


Dan, please provide an overview of Deel’s Compliance Hub and how it aims to assist companies in navigating regulatory changes and managing compliance staff costs.

Hiring internationally and managing every aspect of an employees’ employment is more than challenging, and the mistakes are costly. It’s a near-impossible task for HR teams to monitor regulatory updates and warnings in all of the countries they operate in, or hope to. With Deel’s new Compliance Hub, we make it easy to stay abreast of global compliance issues. It takes guidance one step further by offering actionable alerts to HR teams, all in one place.

How does the Compliance Hub address the dynamic nature of employment laws and regulations, especially in different global locations?

Small issues turn into major compliance issues when it comes to employment law. Add in the global aspect, and the opportunities for error amplify. Deel and the Compliance Hub cover everything for companies – localizing employment agreements for each region, tailoring all benefits to different locales, and more. Deel handles the rapidly changing compliance environment.

The Compliance Hub offers three powerful features for continuous compliance. Can you elaborate on these features and how they contribute to mitigating risks for businesses?

Absolutely. Together our Monthly Workforce Insights, Compliance Monitor and AI-based Worker Classifier provide a full suite of offerings that cover everything compliance-related that keep business owners and HR leaders up at night.

Deel claims to be the only platform monitoring and providing compliance alerts for 150 countries. How does the Compliance Hub actively monitor, flag, and provide updates, and what sets it apart from other providers?

The Compliance Hub achieves this new level of compliance by actively monitoring, flagging, and providing regulatory updates and workforce insights for our clients, helping them proactively navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Deel is the only platform on the market that monitors and provides up-to-date compliance alerts for 150 countries, enabling you to hire and manage workers across the globe confidently.

What role does the Monthly Workforce Insights play in mitigating compliance risks? How does it analyze worker data and compliance developments to provide tailored insights to businesses?

Our insights keep HR teams in the know about mitigating risk. The Monthly Workforce Insights tracks compliance developments and compliance developments and proactively surfaces them for you. Whatever the business concern, insights will surface things like expiring visas and misclassification risks, along with minimum wage, benefits, and more.

The Compliance Monitor is designed to inform businesses about the latest regulatory changes globally. How does it automatically scan, collect, and explain these changes, and what areas does it cover?

The Compliance Monitor spans 150 countries where Deel’s customers operate, and includes all aspects of regulatory changes, including wages, pensions, private insurance, leave changes and tax obligations. We don’t make you sift through legal jargon, either – anything that could impact your business is in easy-to-understand language.

Deel has launched an AI-powered misclassification assessment. Can you explain how this worker classifier works, its accuracy rate, and how it aids in minimizing compliance risks related to worker misclassification?

We worked with Queen’s University’s Conflict Analytics Lab and our own Deel Lab to bring Worker Classifier to life and we’re really excited about it. We’ve launched it in 15 countries so far. With the help of AI and data from local employment court cases, we can classify employees based on just a few questions – with 90% accuracy! Another important bit is that employers can use the tool to double-check an employee’s classification at any time throughout their tenure, which is crucial since local laws can sometimes change.

How user-friendly is the Compliance Hub, particularly the AI-based Worker Classifier? Can businesses easily navigate and assess worker classifications at various stages, including onboarding and contract duration?

We wholeheartedly understand the challenges businesses face when trying to be compliant – not only are rules and regulations dense and difficult to understand, but they also change quickly. We built Compliance Hub to ease those struggles and made it easy for anyone to use. We know how motivated businesses are to grow, and that should include the ability to expand internationally without fear of not operating compliantly.

What advice would you give young entrepreneurs trying to make it into the industry?

  • Some advice I have for entrepreneurs trying to break into this industry is to invest in a strong community, especially in the beginning. Future leaders in this space should pursue solving a problem that deeply affects people – don’t shy away from it because of limitations
  • Just because one customer speaks the same language or uses the same currency as another customer, never assume that they’re the same.
  • Hard work has been an underlying theme my entire career, but know yourself and your limits to avoid burnout.
  • Take small incremental baby steps early on towards your objective, but then move quickly. (“Deel Speed”)
  • Know your priorities and focus on one at a time.
  • The world is really small regardless of your industry, treat everyone with kindness and put thought into what your product is. People rarely forget.

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Dan Westgarth Chief Operating Officer at Deel

Dan Westgarth is the Chief Operating Officer at Deel responsible for managing the company’s Fintech, Operations, Compliance and Expansion teams. Founded in 2019, Deel’s all-in-one HR platform helps companies simplify every aspect of managing an international workforce, from culture and onboarding to local payroll and compliance. In just under four years, the company has grown to 2000+ team members worldwide in over 150 different countries and raised over $600 million in funding. It has 20,000-plus customers, including Shopify, Nike, and Cloudflare. Before joining Deel, he was the General Manager for North America at Revolut. He was also part of the Revolut international expansion team, which collectively set up local businesses in over 8+ international markets.