HackerRank released its annual developer skills report


HackerRank, the developer skills company, announced the release of its annual developer skills report. The report analyzes millions of test submissions from developers seeking jobs at some of the world’s largest companies and combines those insights with survey data from HackerRank’s community of over 24 million software developers.

Highlights include:

  • 76% of developers are using AI assistance to code
  • 84% of talent acquisition professionals are concerned about plagiarism due to AI
  • 62% of developers believe their organization does not accurately understand their skills
  • 48% of developers indicate they are not provided time for upskilling
  • 68% of developers predict better market conditions in 2024

These highlights are grouped into a number of emerging trends:

  • AI goes mainstream: AI has already become a staple in tech roles, altering work methodologies and skill strategies. The increase in AI-focused skill assessments signals organizations are rapidly seeking technical talent with this skillset.
  • Market optimism: Despite a slow start in 2023, the latter half of the year showed promising growth in hiring and skill development, with 68% of developers optimistic about the overall market conditions in 2024.
  • Developer perceptions vs. management views: A significant gap exists between what developers value and what executives, managers, and recruiters believe they value. This disparity extends to perceptions about job security, opportunities, and the effectiveness of upskilling programs
  • Skills verification is vital to hiring and upskilling initiatives: Developers do not sense their organizations have an accurate understanding of their existing skills. Neither developers or management feel a 4 year college degree prepares them adequately for today’s workforce.

Vivek Ravisankar, Co-founder and CEO of HackerRank, highlighted the report’s findings: “Our position as the developer skills company lets us spot developer hiring and upskilling trends as they emerge. The second half of 2023 showed clear signs of hiring stabilization, significant growth in AI related roles, as well as a resurgence in university hiring”.

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