ETS Appoints Managing Director of Higher Education to Workforce


ETS announced that Ken Eisner has been named Managing Director of Higher Education to Workforce. In this new role, Eisner will manage all aspects of products aimed at higher education and career readiness, including product ideation, development, marketing, sales and operations.

“As part of our vision to power human progress and promote skill proficiency, ETS is committed to bold new solutions that address the biggest challenges in higher education and career readiness,” said Gollash. “Ken brings a ‘think big’ mentality and proven success not just in building highly scalable solutions for these markets but also in driving their adoption globally. We’re thrilled to welcome him to ETS and excited about what we can accomplish under his leadership.”

Led by Eisner, ETS plans to significantly increase its higher education and career readiness offerings to address mounting challenges and opportunities in the space. In addition to leading the GRE, the market-leading graduate school admissions test, Eisner will be creating new solutions and partnerships that enable learners entering and moving through higher education to be prepared for the careers of the future. Eisner will continue to sit on the Council of Graduate Schools advisory board and act as a Senior Advisor to Good Harbor Partners and New Markets Venture Partners, among other advisory positions.

“With higher education at a critical juncture, driven in large part by the evolution of the workforce, I believe that ETS is well-suited to play a foundational role at the intersection of the supply and demand of labor,” said Eisner. “ETS leads the world in research-backed assessments and is home to rich learner data that enables us to build solutions that the market demands. At Amazon, I learned from the very best customer-obsessed builders in the world, and I’m excited to bring that mentality to ETS.”

Eisner was previously Global Director of education programs at Amazon Web Services (AWS) and of learning systems at Amazon. While at AWS, Eisner founded and scaled AWS Educate, Amazon’s global program to provide students with pathways into cloud jobs. Based on a breakthrough skills taxonomy called the Cloud Competency Framework (CCF), AWS Educate recruited over 1 million students, tens of thousands of educators and more than 3,500 educational institutions and developed countrywide and statewide partnerships to realign curriculum to the CCF. AWS Educate received various awards, including Eisner’s recognition as AWS Public Sector’s Impact Person of the Year in 2018. Eisner holds a BA from Cornell University and an MPP and MBA with honors from Georgetown University.

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