Dapt Tech Selected as Professional Services Technology Partner

New Integration Offers Clients Simplified Job Costing Capabilities and Seamless Data Flow between Time Tracking, Payroll and Accounting Solutions

Dapt Tech

Dapt Tech, Inc. is working with Intuit as a professional services industry technology partner in support of QuickBooks Time. The new collaboration offers Intuit clients in multiple industries–including construction, professional services, healthcare, solar installation, field service and technology–simplified job costing capabilities as well as facilitates seamless data flow between QuickBooks time tracking, accounting, and payroll solutions.

Dapt’s payroll connector integration with QuickBooks Time provides solutions for clients who need to move data between time collection, payroll and accounting software and automatically update their general ledger with accurate job costs; break down time by employee, job, or project; convert time and manage data through the payroll process; and reattach proper labor costs with the payroll report to give true job costing post-payroll.

“While some companies only need the hours worked to process payroll based on an hourly rate or summary hours, other companies have additional needs and complex pay rates,” said Jim Keeney, President of Dapt Tech. “Our mission at Dapt is to help clients with complex pay rates, such as completed installs, complex overtime rules, on-call rates, shift differentials, multiple roles, or multijurisdictional taxation. We are pleased to partner with Intuit and be able to provide custom solutions to challenges their clients face to save them both time and money.”

“Companies expect technology to adapt to their business practices vs. change their practices to adapt to technology,” said Danielle Price, Partner Advocacy and Mid-Market Solution Provider for Intuit.  “We are proud to have built a payroll connector in partnership with Dapt Tech that connects QuickBooks Time to other best in breed solutions. It is a win/win/win/win for Intuit, Dapt, the partners we integrate with, and most importantly, the clients we serve.”

To learn more about Dapt’s capabilities, visit www.dapt.tech.

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