Censia’s ReadyToHire Uses AI to Match Displaced Workers To Job Openings

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Censia, a leader in recruiting artificial intelligence (AI) technology, has launched the ReadyToHire initiative, which uses AI to instantly match workers displaced by the COVID-19 pandemic to job openings at companies with urgent hiring needs. This program is free to use for companies and individuals, and does not require integration or installation talent acquisition.

ReadyToHire (RTH) allows companies facing layoffs to add their displaced employees to a specialized website, where they are tagged as “ReadyToHire.” Individuals may also add themselves. Companies with hiring needs can access this database for free – Censia’s AI technology instantly matches them to the ReadyToHire talent most suitable to their open roles hrtech news.

Censia uses AI to model thousands of factors that predict role fit, discovers transferable skills, and then finds those qualified people from Censia’s database of 500+ million professionals. Recruiters can create a shortlist of highly qualified talent in a matter of minutes.

“When we saw the surge in unemployment and critical hiring in other industries, we knew our AI technology could help get displaced talent into those roles right away. We designed ReadyToHire to give companies free and instant access to all the qualified talent that just flooded the market, and to help them quickly choose the talent that can best fill their open roles,” says Joanna Riley, CEO and Co-Founder of Censia.


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