Cappfinity Unveils Three New Leadership Talent Solutions

As new technology transforms the workplace, the demand for reskilling, succession planning, and internal mobility programs continues to surge


Cappfinity, a leading talent acquisition and management solutions provider, today unveiled three additions to its comprehensive suite of science-backed, leadership solutions. These new products were designed as a direct response to the imminent fourth industrial revolution, during which the World Economic Forum predicts we will need to reskill over 1 billion people by the year 2030 as a result of jobs being radically transformed by technology in the next decade.

“The workplace is shifting in ways we do not yet fully comprehend as a result of emerging technologies like AI, advanced machine learning, metaverse, quantum computing, and more,” said Celine Floyd, Director of Talent Management and Leadership Propositions for Cappfinity. “And while there are still some uncertainties around what the ‘new norm’ will be at the workplace, one thing is for certain – we’re all going to need a new set of skills. And the skills that were previously viewed as most important may not have the same effect moving forward. As a result, the need for reskilling and navigating internal mobility has never been higher within the workplace.”

Leveraging over two decades of talent data around the world, its rich heritage in behavioral science, and a wide range of assessments, diagnostic tools and measurement instruments, Cappfinity’s new solutions include:

  • Altitude: A blended online leadership assessment that measures personality, scenario-based leadership, and cognitive capability. Benchmarking Altitude to global norm groups provides rigorous evidence that can be leveraged for selection and promotion decisions within an organization.
  • Leader ProfileA dynamic, self-guided assessment that highlights an individual’s skills and strengths. Insights from Leader Profile offer indicators of leadership performance, as well as areas for further development.
  • InPerspective: An engaging and intuitive strengths-based, 360-degree assessment that offers self-insight and opportunities for learning.

Reskilling, succession planning and internal mobility play an important role in the future success of a company, particularly in times like these. To help companies navigate this transition every step of the way, Cappfinity structured these new product offerings on the framework of: define, arm, and develop. Pillar one, define, empowers leaders to define their organizational leadership skills framework to operationalize their vision for developing leaders. Pillar two, arm, provides talent leaders with tools to measure capabilities and identify high-potential talent. And pillar three, develop, provides flexible, scalable and programmatic talent development solutions to organizations as they accelerate internal mobility, succession planning, upskill and/or reskilling initiatives.

“I certainly recognized myself in the Leader Profile, and yet it is useful to read in all clarity what determines me as a leader. I appreciate knowing my strengths and their associated risks better, to recognize what strengths I have learned but don’t enjoy using, to be encouraged to use my unrealized strengths more and to relax about my weaknesses,” said Sabine Frank, Carbon Market Watch.

In addition to these cutting-edge solutions, Cappfinity’s existing portfolio includes digital mentorship, the 90 Digital toolkit, and coaching that incorporates virtual reality development exercises and scenarios. Collectively, these solutions are designed to deliver transformational growth. To watch a comprehensive review of the latest additions to Cappfinity’s suite of leadership solutions, please visit

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