Boston Strategy Group’s Managing Partner featured in WorkLife


BSG is pleased to announce the publication of “WTF is Applied Improvisation? in WorkLife. The article, written by prominent journalist Hailey Mensik, was published on February 8, 2024, and features exclusive insight from BSG Managing Partner Theodore Klein.

“It was a pleasure to speak with Hailey about the transformative power of Applied Improvisation (AIM),” said Theodore Klein. “The scientifically-backed principles of AIM are increasingly being recognized as tools for enhancing collaboration, communication, creativity, and trust in the workplace. I believe the new WorkLife article serves as an excellent introduction to how organizations can utilize AIM to improve professional staff skills.”

In the article, Mensik describes how corporations like Google and McKinsey are increasingly looking to the performing arts for techniques that can help foster deeper connections and strengthen company culture. By training professionals to be better improvisers, the article illustrates how organizations can alleviate challenges associated with office returns and increasing workplace friction.

WorkLife provides daily insight on how work, workplaces, and the workforce are changing to meet new expectations. The brand is the newest addition to Digiday Media, a vertical media company founded in 2008, which oversees a network of websites and produces podcasts and industry events for executives.

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