Boomerang unveils Inbox Pause 2.0

This expanded product offering allows users and enterprises to adjust their inbox to seamlessly match their productivity schedule.


Boomerang, the leading provider of thoughtful productivity tools to help users focus on what matters, has announced Inbox Pause 2.0, a significant update to its renowned email management tool, Inbox Pause, revolutionizing the way users manage their email inboxes. This enhancement aims to tackle the perpetual challenge of email overload, providing individual users the ability to design inbox schedules to suit their specific productivity needs, while enterprise users can set company- and team-wide email policies, safeguarding employee well-being and reinvigorating workplace culture.

“Workplace dynamics are undergoing a profound transformation, with a growing emphasis on employee wellness and balance,” said Aye Moah, Co-founder and CEO of Boomerang. “Our aim with Inbox Pause 2.0 is to help users manage email inundation by equipping them with the tools to disconnect, refocus, and protect their personal time without compromising productivity.”

Inbox Pause 2.0 adds features aimed at creating boundaries around the email inbox, matching each user’s productivity schedule and promoting work-life balance. These features include:

Work Hours
Work Hours sets regular times for pausing and unpausing user inboxes to ensure email is only received during work hours, enforcing work life boundaries.

Focus Time
Focus Time allows users to choose blocks of time each day when they can work without email interruption.

Batched Delivery
Batched Delivery provides users a way to only receive new emails a few times a day at the times they specified.

As workplace cultures evolve, the onus lies on organizations to embrace tools that foster a balanced environment. To that end, Boomerang is making these upgrades available not only to individuals, but to teams and organizations at the enterprise level. Inbox Pause 2.0 enables administrators and managers to set email policies across teams and time zones, accommodating hybrid, remote and in-office workers, ensuring adherence to wellness policies and demonstrating a commitment to respecting off-hours. For those in countries with the Right to Disconnect policies, Inbox Pause 2.0 is the first available tool in the market to comply with those policies systematically at an organizational level.

Inbox Pause 2.0 is available immediately for all Boomerang users, both at the individual and enterprise levels. Inbox Pause 2.0 marks a significant milestone in Boomerang’s mission to empower users to take charge of their digital lives, reduce stress, and foster a healthier relationship with their inboxes.

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