Blanchard® Collaborates with OpenAI to Enhance Leadership Training

Integrating technology to foster innovation and enhance efficiency


Blanchard®, a global pioneer in leadership development, consulting, and coaching for more than 40 years, proudly announces the strategic partnership with OpenAI, adopting its ChatGPT Enterprise platform. This collaboration signifies Blanchard’s commitment to revolutionizing the approach to leadership training and development, ensuring that leaders are not only prepared for the challenges of today but become visionaries for the opportunities of tomorrow.

“At Blanchard, we believe in the power of human potential and innovation,” says Britney Cole, Chief Innovation Officer. “Our collaboration with OpenAI is not just about technological integration; it’s about crafting a future where AI and human ingenuity unite to create a world of limitless possibilities in leadership development. ChatGPT Enterprise will be our ally in enhancing the wisdom and effectiveness of leaders worldwide.”

“This is a heartening moment in our journey. With OpenAI’s cutting-edge technology, we are setting a new standard in the industry. Our goal is to transform the essence of leadership development, making it more adaptive, personalized, and profoundly impactful. We are excited to lead this change, inspiring leaders to achieve their true potential,” says Scott Blanchard, CEO of Blanchard.

OpenAI’s Head of Customer Success, Sara Caldwell, shares, “We are thrilled to work with Blanchard, a company renowned for its leadership innovation. It’s inspiring to witness our AI technology being recognized as a positive force, enhancing leadership development and organizational success across innovative companies like Blanchard.”

The initiative kicked off with the Blanchard ChatGPT Champions Program, designed to weave AI seamlessly into the fabric of Blanchard’s leadership solutions. This program underscores the company’s commitment to advancing technological capabilities and enriching the human experience within the workplace.

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