Axios HQ ARR $10M+ , hires CMO, launches Slack & Teams integrations

Axios HQ

Axios HQ, the leading internal communications software powered by Smart Brevity® and AI, exceeded $10 million in ARR in 2023. Only 13% of startups reach $10 million in their first 10 years. On average, it takes them five. Axios HQ — not yet three — continues to press the gas.

Two more announcements will help fuel the startup’s next phase:

  • Welcoming its first CMO: Chris Willis joins as Chief Marketing Officer, bringing more than 20 years of experience guiding tech and AI companies through accelerated growth and building best-in-class teams as CMO of Acrolinx, Perfecto Mobile, Verivo Software, and Pyxis Mobile.
  • Launching Slack and Teams integrations: Axios HQ customers can now distribute their highly engaging Smart Brevity updates directly to Slack and Microsoft Teams. Organizations can meet their employees where they are, streamline the flow of information, and keep their data story intact. Reader engagement insights can still track back to HQ dashboards.

Roy Schwartz, CEO of Axios HQ: “I say it all the time: Good communications are audience-first. In 2024, every executive’s and every organization’s most important audience will be their employees, and you’re going to need a stronger multi-channel strategy to engage them. Axios HQ does that. And it’s the only internal comms software with our patented Smart Brevity Guidance system that makes messages clearer and more memorable. Chris will be key in helping more leaders see that Axios HQ is their answer.”

Over 600 organizations have already brought Axios HQ’s tools, templates, and AI-powered writing help in-house. With Slack and Teams integrations, Axios HQ will help more leaders reach more readers on the platforms they use every day. Among customers:

  • 88% say Axios HQ has a positive impact on internal comms.
  • 90% say it’s helped improve engagement.
  • 82% say it’s helping them collect employee feedback.
  • 50%+ say it’s saving them time.

Chris Willis, CMO of Axios HQ: “It feels like breathing rare air. Before I met the HQ team, I thought my next stop would be at a big company with big challenges. Since meeting them, I saw I had it backward. It’s at a small company with big opportunities, and if we do our jobs right, it’s the next unicorn. I’m focused on using my AI and marketing experience to expand our brand awareness, scale our demand engine, and ensure Axios HQ continues to execute on its ambitious growth strategy.”

The bottom line: Axios HQ can help any organization punch above its weight class, build better internal communications, and strengthen employee engagement. Now, it can help those same organizations make sure their most vital updates are quickly accessible on today’s most popular collaboration hubs.

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Axios HQ helps organizations communicate more effectively. Rooted in years of research, Axios HQ’s tools, templates, and Smart Brevity Guidance help leaders distill essential information in less time. The result: 40% shorter communications, all the same vital substance, and a format proven to be clearer, more engaging, and more memorable. Innovative companies like Walmart, Edelman, Everfi, and GLG use Axios HQ’s intuitive platform to elevate company updates, keep employees engaged, and boost transparency and trust along the way.

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