Papaya Brings AI to Cut HCM Data Syncs to One Day

Say goodbye to payroll sync frustrations. Papaya's AI-powered HCM Cloud Connector cuts data syncs to one day, bringing efficiency and accuracy to your global payroll process.


Global payroll is a complex and challenging process, largely because so much of it has been handled manually for so long. And it’s not just the calculations of salaries, taxes, and benefits. It’s all the moving parts of the process that make payroll the connection between all workforce management tools, particularly the data sync between your HCM and your payroll software.

The HR-payroll data sync should be automatic. But in reality, it’s one of the most frustrating parts of the process.

We learned from a survey of payroll professionals that their HR-payroll sync fails about 15% of the time. And that’s even with some level of automation connecting them.

The reason is that automation is not really sufficient for the task. Payroll managers still need to identify and organize the HR data fields they will import. They choose categories like bank data, salaries, attendance, etc. Then they need to match software formats so that the data comes out just right.

With so much that can go wrong, there is a need for independent validation. That’s not just a formality. Data shows that even in the 85% of the times that don’t fail, there are problems with 44%.

All of that takes time and must be done just right. So it’s not surprising that it would have such a high rate of failure.

AI Comes to the Rescue

AI must fill the gap in automation. And with Papaya’s HCM Cloud Connector, that’s exactly what’s happening. With our AI-driven HCM Cloud Connector, all you have to do is implement a one-time mapping through the self-service interface, a process that can be completed in as little as one hour. That’s a 90% decrease in data implementation time.

And that might also be a conservative estimate. There are cases in the industry today when implementation takes as long as a year. In tech terms, that’s a near eternity. By the time it’s ready to use, it’s obsolete. So going from one year to even a single day is a reason to celebrate.

Once that part is complete, you can drag and drop your HR data into the Cloud Connector, and the advanced technology handles all of the sorting and resolves the compatibility issues.

It then runs its own AI-powered validation to ensure that the process was carried out smoothly. All that’s left for the data to upload directly to the Papaya OS, our advanced and unified payroll and payments platform.

It actually goes further than that. The Cloud Connector is a universal system, which means it works with any HR system you’re using, including all types of HCM systems, HRIS, and even Excel sheets.

The numbers speak for themselves: You get a 30% reduction in payroll processing time; 95% decrease in manual syncs; 45% increase in cycle efficiency; 100% accuracy, and no extra cost! It’s the next step forward from Automatic Data Processing – and into an AI-led payroll process. 

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Papaya Global

Papaya Global is a SaaS fintech company enabling enterprises to master the complexities of workforce management. Papaya’s comprehensive technology, known as Papaya OS, is the only global platform that offers payroll and payments as a unified process. Papaya provides an embedded, end-to-end solution for the entire payroll journey – from onboarding to payroll processing to cross-border payment delivery. It is the only payments tech specialized for the needs of payroll payments, providing automation, compliance, flexibility, and security. The platform gives finance teams the visibility and control to master workforce spending and payments — with full liability if anything goes wrong. Papaya’s integrated approach connects the dots between workforce management tools from HCM to ERP to create a single source of truth. It turns payroll – every company’s biggest expense and liability – into a strategic asset, empowering growth at scale.

Papaya’s team currently spans Tel Aviv, New York, Austin, London, Kiev, Singapore, and Melbourne. Its technology has been recognized by all leading global analysts, including Gartner, Visa, NelsonHall, and others, as disruptive in the field of workforce management and payments. Among other accolades, Papaya was included in the Forbes Cloud 100 and CNBC’s Top Startups for the Enterprise.