5 ways in which SOPs can help HR department in Corporate

5 ways in which SOPs can help HR department in Corporate

Human resources by the definition of it is a vast and integral field. It includes a plethora of issues and topics under its direct infographic. Be it managing the freshly brewed talent in the company or be it looking after the employee wellness but at the same time managing the company’s expenses. Many a times we see that the HR department remains multifunctional over the newer management basics along with several outsourced duties and responsibilities which has to be taken care of.

However, the growing challenges among the HR department in the areas of innovation in management along with Job design and analysis have already created dire complexities in the functioning. If this was not enough the new age complexities of Learning and development module along with compensation and benefits analysis is pouring havoc down the HR departments across the globe. At such a time having a consolidated set of solution not only helps in order to ease out the procedure but also saves time for brainstorming for other management level solutions. This is where SOPs come to the rescue.

SOPs – What’s that Buddy?

SOPs stands for standard operational procedures. These are the standard set of operational procedures that have been predefined and cover the basic management needs and keeps you in check with the legal bylaws and pertaining actions, hence easing out the functioning of HR department. It can be mainly considered as a handbook of HR department.


SOPs can help untangle major knots in the day-to-day functioning of HR department in these 5 major ways:

1) Building the herd wisely…

Staffing needs are the most important need of the hour. Building the staffing need according to a predefined procedure not only helps to maintain order to the reactionary hires but also helps foresee the future staffing needs in the right order hence maintaining amazing organizational structure.
2) Rules are Rules!

A company manual and procedures guide works as a messenger to the employee about integrating into the company.

Be it the company dress policy, legal requirement, payment breakups, medical reimbursements etc. It proves to be a one stop shop for all the clueless employees.

3) Catch and Throw                                     

Undoubtedly, one of the major roles of an HR is to hire and terminate the employees. Following a standard set of procedures not only helps in getting the right people on board but also in preventing you from violating any laws while terminating any employee on the right grounds. Your SOP in this regard should consist of job descriptions, placing job advertisements, creating test portfolios, performing background verification, step-by-step onboarding and termination procedures all of which should be legally bound.


4) Reaping time

Standard SOPS for complying with benefits and payroll of a potential employee is extremely important. The standard benchmarks which it had created not only helps in judging the potential employee in all fairness for their compensation but also rules out any personal bias from anybody. Also following a standarised procedure for benefits helps in finalizing the right type of insurance keeping several health factors in mind.


For the End:

As we can conclude from the salient features above, SOPs not only help in creating a discipline and standardizing the annual HR procedures but also keeps even the minutest detail in check. Hence the HR departments across the globe should adhere to the SOPs as per the need of the hour and prevent their organizational silos from going berserk due to the dire data and organizational complexities.

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