Vibrant New EUC Community Slack Channel launched

Connecting IT Professionals for Enhanced Collaboration


Liquidware, the leader in digital workspace management, today announced its growing EUC (End User Computing) community is moving to a new Slack channel to accommodate the expanding number of IT professional interested in, or using, Liquidware products. The new Slack community provides a virtual space for IT professionals to connect and collaborate. By joining forces with peers, members can tap into a rich network of digital workspace management enthusiasts, sharing insights, and collectively helping to drive innovation.

“The expansion of Liquidware’s EUC community dialogue to Slack is a commendable move,” commented Ruben Spruijt, Technologist at Dizzion-Frame. “The user-friendly structure of Slack offers a familiar and engaging platform, encouraging active participation. I look forward to contributing to Liquidware’s new Slack community!”

By engaging in the Liquidware Slack community, members have access to a network of IT professionals who are using Liquidware digital management workspace solutions. Members of the Liquidware Slack community have access to exclusive content, including product updates, industry news, and other valuable resources that are not available to the public. This insider information offers a competitive edge; enabling professionals to stay informed and engaged in the ever-evolving digital workspace landscape. The community will be a hub of learning, hosting a range of events and webinars facilitated by industry experts. Thus, ensuring members remain up-to-date with latest trends and advancements in EUC.

“We’ve had an active online community site for many years, but feel migrating to a Slack channel it will be far more interactive and a better user experience – which is what our products provide to our customers,” commented James O’Regan, Product Marketing Manager, Liquidware. “I’m enthusiastic about engaging with our customers and partners in a more detailed manner. Their insights will be invaluable for enhancing future product development.”

Slack’s organized discussion threads and direct messaging feature ensure seamless communication and personalized support.

The Liquidware Slack community extends a warm welcome to IT professionals seeking to optimize their Liquidware product experience and establish best practices. To join this growing network of digital workspace enthusiasts, register at:

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