Upwork announces the launch of enhanced capabilities in its on-demand remote talent platform


The world’s leader in remote work for 2 decades, Upwork, has announced that the company has launched more enhanced capabilities in its on-demand remote talent platform for enterprise businesses. The upgraded features of the platform make it simpler for organizations to manage a cost-effective, flexible remote workforce strategy centrally, all the while gaining access to in-demand and proven talent with over 8,000 skills spread across various fields of design and creative, technology, operations, marketing and more. The hrtech news has highlighted the evident growth in the adoption of solutions enabling remote-working in every sector and increasing demands due to the emergence and spread of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The adoption of remote talent solutions rapidly can impose certain challenges for organizations that are new to this process. Upwork Enterprises help such organizations in combating these challenges related to the nuanced technical, operational, and logistical concerns of developing distributed teams while being able to expect a customized and seamless experience every time. The comprehensive platform of Upwork Enterprise enables direct sourcing to millions of remote knowledge workers, agencies, and professionals, to enable companies to easily scale their talent force to meet the shifting demands of the businesses.

The product benefits of this enhanced tool include-
Streamlined and efficient on-platform contracting and on-boarding processes with the enablement of starting work without any administrative delays
Payroll support for handling the administration of contract labor in over 160 nations and domestically
Dedicated support from an account manager talent solutions team, and program manager to build a custom solution
Worker classification ensuring legal compliance of each company
Personalized sourcing experts for providing extra assistance as needed
Access to remote practices, proven, and in-demand talent through an advanced matching technology
Work protection ensuring satisfaction with the quality of work provided
Centralized remote talent management

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