Udacity’s Train-to-Hire Program Now Available in AWS Marketplace

Business leaders can eliminate talent gaps and save on recruiting costs with Udacity's latest program, now offered in AWS Marketplace


Udacity, the digital talent transformation platform, today announced the availability of its Train-to-Hire Program in AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors that make it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). With the addition of this program, AWS customers can now address technical talent gaps in their organizations by working with Udacity to create customizable, hands-on learning programs that attract and upskill net-new sources of talent. Through these Train-to-Hire Programs, AWS customers can transform the breadth and depth of their talent pipelines, lowering recruiting costs for in-demand roles and improving the diversity of their workforce by offering new opportunities to candidates from underrepresented communities.

“As organizations struggle with many facets of their overall talent strategy, acquiring digital skills and creating a pipeline for core and emerging technology talent can prove to be challenging,” said Todd Floyd, VP of Global Sales, Societal Impact at Udacity. “That is why our clients have seen success with Udacity’s Train-to-Hire Programs now available in AWS Marketplace. Our unique approach has allowed them to not only address their technical talent pipeline constraints, but do it in a way that is equitable and drives real societal impact for underrepresented communities.”

Udacity’s Train-to-Hire Program is designed with each participating organization to help deliver the ideal candidates they need to address the specific talent shortages that are holding their business back.The program is facilitated via a five step process:

  1. Build: Udacity partners with an organization to select a program that develops the right competencies to fill their talent pipeline and diversity gaps.
  2. Promote: Udacity collaborates with you to globally market your program to diverse candidates with the greatest potential.
  3. Select: Udacity vets candidates using methodologies that identify motivated talent aligned with your priorities.
  4. Train: Udacity enrolls applications into Nanodegree programs and provides personalized, expert support.
  5. Hire: Udacity works with your organization to guide the job-ready digital talent pool and set up successful talent transformation.

The Train-to-Hire Program follows Udacity’s Digital Transformation Suite becoming available in AWS Marketplace earlier this year, along with a 2021 AWS AI & ML Scholarship Program in which Udacity, AWS, and Intel awarded 2,000 scholarships to students from underrepresented and underserved communities. Udacity and AWS also worked to offer the AWS Machine Learning Scholarship Program, which offered 425 more scholarships to women and other underrepresented groups.

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