Tundra announces partnership with CandidateX & TalentNet


Tundra, a leading staffing and total talent management provider, announces its transformative partnership with CandidateX and TalentNet, to drive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives within customer contingent workforce programs.

CandidateX, a trailblazer in inclusive hiring solutions, joins forces with Tundra to dismantle recruitment bias and create equal opportunities for underestimated talent.

By leveraging cutting-edge integrations and combining the power of CandidateX’s software with TalentNet’s intuitive talent community solution, Tundra empowers global brands to harness inclusivity data and insights. This unique feature allows businesses to effortlessly track the diversity of their talent pool against real-time census analytics, providing clients with direct access to multiple diverse job boards.

With this invaluable information at their fingertips, Tundra equips clients to forge effective DEI strategies within their organizations, fostering a more inclusive and equitable workforce.

As an industry-leading recruiting firm, Tundra is committed to ensuring fair and unbiased recruitment practices. To further solidify this commitment, Tundra’s workforce completed CandidateX’s Inclusive Recruiter e-Learning Program focusing on eradicating unconscious biases from the recruitment and hiring process.

As Tundra professionals earn the prestigious “Inclusive Recruiter” certification, both organizations strive to establish a new recruitment industry standard on a global scale.

“Our transformative partnership with CandidateX enables us to provide our customers with game-changing data insights and an equitable shortlisting process through e-Learning,” exclaimed Micah Williams, President of Tundra.

“Through CandidateX’s certification program, we equip our team with the tools to identify and eliminate unconscious bias in recruitment. We are thrilled to continue collaborating with CandidateX and take pride in being the first staffing firm to certify our recruiters as Inclusive Recruiters.”

Sunil Dial, CEO and Co-Founder of CandidateX, recognizes the significance of partnering with organizations genuinely dedicated to enhancing the recruitment process.

“We are excited to join forces with Tundra – a truly authentic organization driven by DEI-action. Tundra wholeheartedly embraces positive change for diverse contingent workforce programs,” commented Dial. “Partnering with a business that embodies its mission and integrates tangible DEI proof points is inspiring. We’re excited to foster this ongoing collaboration with Tundra as we make inclusive hiring the new standard across the industry.”

By investing in training, data, and tangible solutions, Tundra’s collaboration with CandidateX and TalentNet stands at the forefront of DEI innovation. By utilizing cutting-edge technology and impactful strategies, they help empower organizations to break barriers, unlock untapped potential, and build diverse teams that drive exceptional results.

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