Trainual releases an AI-powered documentation engine

New "Suggested Roles and Responsibilities" features from Trainual increase accountability and streamline documentation


Trainual, the leading training management system for small businesses and growing teams, today released an AI-powered documentation engine for outlining roles and responsibilities. The “Suggested Roles” and “Suggested Responsibilities” features allow users of its platform to leverage the learnings of thousands of growing organizations around the world by recommending roles by company type, along with the responsibilities associated with those roles. Trainual accomplishes this with proprietary data that connects which types of trainings have been assigned to comparable job titles from similar businesses in every industry.

Small businesses create 1.5 million jobs annually in the United States, accounting for 64% of annual averages (source). With Suggested Roles and Responsibilities, small business owners and leaders have tools to quickly identify the duties for new roles within their organization, and map training materials to them.

“Every small business is unique. As they grow, so does their employee count and the mix of different roles they have within their companies. And along with each role comes a new set of responsibilities that can take lots of time to think up and document,” said Chris Ronzio, CEO and Founder of Trainual. “We decided to make that process easier. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Trainual is providing small business owners and managers the tools to easily keep their roles up-to-date — and the people that hold them, trained — in record time.”

The process is simple. When a company goes to add a new role, they’ll automatically see a list of roles (AKA job titles) that similar businesses have added to their companies. After accepting a suggested role in the Trainual app, they’ll see a list of suggested responsibilities, curated utilizing AI and Trainual’s own machine learning engine. Owners, managers, and employees can then easily add context to all of the responsibilities for every role in the business by documenting or assigning existing content that’s most relevant for onboarding and ongoing training.

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