Fuels the Employee Experience with Content Optimization Services, providers of the Employee Awesome Digital Conversation Hub, today announced new Content Optimization Services. Available immediately, these services support organizations in the quest to personalize and humanize the digital workplace in “The NOW of Work,” more effectively meeting employees’ needs in the flow of work, anywhere it happens, at moments that matter.

Whether employees previously worked in a corporate office environment, on the road or from home, one thing is true NOW: today’s work environment is the digital workplace. Whether blue collar or white, home office or front line, accessing work has been digitized or needs to be, and that means making it natural, personalized and frictionless.

Melissa Swisher, Chief Revenue Officer for, explains how technology can build on humanity in the best way possible. “The NOW of Work we saw shaped overnight by the global pandemic can serve positively as a catalyst for making digital revolution, at long last, a reality. Technology can help us humanize work by simplifying and transforming the employee experience by leveraging human intelligence to do more faster and by using artificial intelligence to improve both output and outcomes.” Content Optimization Services provide a framework for the most common communication needs. That ensures consistency around style, formatting and brand; minimizes conflicting information; resolves version control issues while maintaining a reliable source of truth for relevant information; and proactively identifies and fills gaps with needed content to help organizations drive clear responses and improve communication and organizational culture.

In the NOW of Work, keeping workstreams conversational and interactive rather than transactional and disjointed is an essential step in promoting the employee experience in a digital workplace. While the digitization of work requires a Digital Conversation Hub to connect the disparate systems, channels and technologies where information and resources lie, the approach also serves to overcome common technical integration, content curation and the timeliness of response challenges, all of which are of the utmost importance during periods of widespread disruption.

“Functioning as an employee or figuring out how to get work done should not be a job unto itself,” says Jason Averbook, CEO and Co-Founder of Leapgen. “Helping people work more naturally and easily, wherever they are and in the flow of work, makes them happier and more productive. Delivering a frictionless employee experience means providing the right content to the right people at the right moment through the right channel. This translates to a well-oiled digital workforce that is better equipped to serve customers, too.”

The NOW of Work Demands Digital is positioned to support the digital workplace with its Digital Conversation Hub, simplifying the complexity of the workplace, and bringing together all the systems already in use, far beyond the capabilities of chatbot toolkits. The Digital Conversation Hub feels human and high touch to employees, something the modern workforce has never needed or deserved more, offering employers the benefit of a new breed of digital connectedness.

Jason Averbook of Leapgen, Melissa Swisher of, and Jeff Faber of HUB International, a customer, will explain the mindset and digital strategy all of this requires, how organizations can streamline and elevate the experience, and what this looks in practice in an upcoming webinar. REGISTER HERE for “Building Conversations of Trust in the NOW of Work” on Wednesday, June 17 at 12 p.m. ET/9 a.m. PT.


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