SkillUp Coalition & Truist Foundation launche Remote Job Catalog

Remote job catalog curates thousands of high-quality, vetted remote roles for job seekers without a degree


SkillUp Coalition, a national collaboration of nonprofits, training providers, and employers, in partnership with Truist Foundation, today announced the launch of a remote job catalog tailored to support individuals who have less than a four-year degree and are skilled through alternative routes (STARs). Supported by a $1.5 million grant from Truist Foundation, this mission-driven initiative aims to provide access to high-quality remote job opportunities with competitive wages, educational prospects, and pathways for career advancement.

Amidst the changing landscape of work and the demand for flexible working opportunities, SkillUp Coalition and Truist Foundation aim to build awareness in both urban and rural communities around the breadth of high-opportunity remote jobs that do not require higher education degrees. The newly launched catalog surfaces nearly 6,000 vetted remote roles, refreshed daily, to ensure alignment with job quality standards, market trends, and industry demands. With a steadfast commitment to access, particularly for job seekers living in rural areas, this collaboration aspires to grow the catalog to 10,000 remote jobs in the upcoming months. In addition to remote job access, SkillUp visitors can also explore local and national in-person roles, short-term training programs, career and coaching resources, and more.

“At SkillUp Coalition, we believe that talent is universal, but opportunity is not. Our partnership with Truist Foundation allows us to bridge this gap by offering remote job opportunities that can transform lives and empower individuals, regardless of their geographic location or educational background,” said Steve Lee, CEO at SkillUp. “And what’s crucial is that we’ve built the remote jobs catalog exclusively for – and to the benefit of – STARs and individuals without college degrees. By curating opportunities and ensuring that these remote jobs not only provide living wages but also offer educational pathways and growth potential, we are reshaping the future of work for thousands and delivering on our SkillUp mission to support 100,000 high-opportunity job placements by 2025.”

The curated remote job catalog represents roles primarily in, but not limited to, technology, business, and healthcare. Each job listing undergoes scrutiny to uphold salary transparency, advancement opportunities, and suitability for individuals without college degrees. The catalog prioritizes positions that offer learning opportunities, certifications, and potential for career progression. It also easily connects users to training programs, work style preferences, and skills that may be required for certain positions.

“Truist Foundation is proud to collaborate with SkillUp Coalition in this transformative initiative that aligns with our commitment to building career pathways to economic mobility,” stated Lynette Bell, president of Truist Foundation. “Through this catalog, we are enabling individuals in rural areas to access remote jobs that are well-suited to their skills but also provide avenues for ongoing personal, professional, and community development.”

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