SilkRoad Technology Launches Interview Scheduler in SilkRoad Recruiting

SilkRoad Technology

SilkRoad Technology, a global software and services platform that helps organizations attract, retain and align people to its business, today announced the release of interview scheduling within SilkRoad Recruiting, a powerful tool that will simplify and automate interview scheduling to speed time to hire and differentiate the candidate experience.

As organizations seek to digitize and automate activities in increasingly digital operating models, SilkRoad offers easy-to-use, self-service tools that save time and improve productivity for candidates, recruiters, hiring managers and interview teams alike. Interview scheduling will be integrated with Outlook and Google calendars, which will allow ATS users to set their preferred availability and automate the scheduling process.

“Our recruiting clients want to simplify the interview scheduling process for their internal stakeholders while providing a self-service experience to candidates, especially when hiring in a digital environment in which compressed timelines are becoming more prevalent,” said Lilith Christiansen, Chief Strategy and Product Officer of SilkRoad Technology. “With the interview scheduler, recruiters, interview teams and hiring managers can set their preferred availability for interviews and receive instant notifications of time-slot bookings, vastly reducing time spent on coordination and rescheduling. We think this is especially critical for high-volume recruiting, where details can be easily missed and mistakes are likely to happen, ultimately harming the candidate’s experience and causing internal frustration.”

This new functionality will help organizations deliver a differentiated candidate experience with self-service capability, which will reduce the likelihood of no-shows and set the tone as to what a candidate should expect when considering an organization for employment.

“This addition exemplifies a continued effort to deliver an enhanced level of employee engagement,” Christiansen continued. “This capability will provide organizations the ability to digitize work to enhance productivity in digital operating models while delivering a world-class candidate experience.”

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