Workplace APAC 2021 CHRO Study

Workplace APAC 2021 is one of the largest collaborative study by SHRM and Oracle in the APAC region. The study focuses on uncovering emerging trends in technology and preparedness of organisations coming back to work. Workplace APAC 2021 has more than 55 marquee organisations from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and India and focuses on some of the most pressing issues faced by organisations today and their readiness to go back to a hybrid place of work. A few of the themes covered by the study are growth acceleration priorities, new ways of working and related challenges, technology investment avenues and outlook in the post-pandemic scenario.

During the Workplace APAC 2021 study, we have come across novel ways organisations have been dealing with the pandemic, accelerating change through technology and navigating organizations through newer horizons. Get the report and be equipped with organisational priorities, anticipated challenges, investment avenues and outlook.


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