PredictiveHire Becomes Sapia

PredictiveHire, used by some of the most trusted consumer brands in the world, today announced it has changed its name to Sapia to better reflect its unique position in the market of building AI HR solutions that are truly human-centered.

The name “Sapia” is a combination of Homo Sapien (human) plus AI.

“From day one we have focussed on creating AI technology that elevates the human experience,” said Sapia CEO Barb Hyman. “Our technology is personalized, smart and empowering.  It’s also  fully blind making it inclusive and fair. That means that when you use Sapia the impact on hiring diversity is immediate.”

Hyman said the Sapia team saw the impact of their product every day in the incredible feedback they get from candidates, now at 1.7 million people across 47 countries. “This is why iconic consumer brands like Qantas, WOLT, VirginMedia and O2 select our technology,” said Hyman. “There is nothing else that can deliver a world class consumer experience and F1 pit crew level efficiency and remove bias.”

Hyman said the team referred to the responses people got to their personalized feedback as the ‘wow’ factor, as it often starts with ‘wow’. “With Sapia we have delivered on the holy grail for hiring – an all in one assessment and  interview that gives incredible leverage to recruiters and which actually elevates your brand,” she said. “One of our customers WOLT saw their NPS jump by 44 points from rejected candidates.

“What we have built is not just a new technology but a new capability – the ability to understand and coach people from a short chat conversation. “Today that IP is being applied to discover potential and make every candidate smarter from the experience  but it goes far beyond that to nurturing every hire’s potential throughout their career.”

Hyman said she was personally proud of the impact they were having on hiring for diversity. “When our technology can simultaneously lead to customers seeing accelerated diversity after just 3 months of use, as in the case of our customer Woodies, you know you have built game changing technology,” Hymand said. “Another large customer, Woolworths employs one in every 50 workers in Australia and when using Sapia it can deliver talent without burdening the businessSapia does all the heavy lifting around recruitment so that store managers can be store managers. That’s a massive productivity gain just for the largest private employer in Australia.”

Sapia’s R&D arm, Phai Labs, will be presenting new research on mitigating gender bias with AI at the annual conference of The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), the premier professional association for I-O psychologists in Seattle, WA this week.

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