Phenom Tops Fosway 9-Grid™ for Talent Acquisition for Fourth Year

Latest Positioning Represents Intelligent Talent Experience Platform’s Ongoing Success Meeting the Complex TA Requirements of Europe’s Largest Companies

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Phenom has been named a Strategic Leader in the 2024 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Talent Acquisition for the fourth consecutive year, demonstrating the comprehensive nature of its solution and its ability to innovate, drive business impact, and support with customer adoption and satisfaction compared to alternative talent acquisition software solutions. Fosway identifies Strategic Leaders as companies that provide a rich suite of capability across a broad scope of features and have the sophistication to consistently meet the needs of complex enterprise-scale customers. Strategic Leaders are also recognised by Fosway for having strong market performance and customer advocacy; as a result, they are frequently selected by such organisations and consistently meet their needs.

The European job market is undergoing a significant transformation. Challenges such as talent shortages and technological disruptions are actively shaping the dynamics of recruitment practices. To navigate this, talent acquisition leaders, sourcers, talent marketers, recruitment events managers, and recruiters must adopt a multifaceted approach that encompasses building alliances, appropriately leveraging and consolidating technology, personalising candidate engagement, maximising utilisation of artificial intelligence and automation, and embracing data insights.

“The TA industry faces many challenges due to a fragmented tech stack, and companies often struggle to streamline their recruitment processes and engage candidates effectively,” said David Wilson, CEO and founder of Fosway Group. “Phenom’s Intelligent Talent Experience platform aims to deliver an effective, data-driven, personalised enterprise solution to these issues. Their continued innovation and customer outcomes are reflected in their position as a Strategic Leader for a fourth successive year.”

The Most Productive, Efficient Organisations Will Define the Decade Ahead

More than 600 global, diverse enterprises use Phenom’s automations, intelligence, and experience to achieve measurable, defensible results, including the ability to:

  • Secure 5x more job seekers per month
  • Increase chatbot-generated leads by 93%
  • Improve application conversion with 85% completion rates
  • Accelerate interview scheduling with 88% booked within 24 hours
  • Cut 65 days off time to hire
  • Save thousands of dollars per hire and reduce dependency on third-parties

“Phenom’s fourth consecutive year being recognised as a Strategic Leader in the 2024 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Talent Acquisition reaffirms our commitment to innovation, customer impact, and advocacy,” said John Harrington, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Phenom. “Securing the highest positioning in performance and potential is a testament to our 13+ years in the industry and reflects our ability to partner with global organisations across all industries to address their unique challenges and exceed their goals.”

Leading the Way in Generative AI Adoption and Impact in HR

The advent of generative AI in the past year afforded Phenom a significant opportunity to address the challenges being experienced by its customers with immediate solutions that drive efficiency and productivity outcomes. Since its introduction in 2023, Phenom X+ Generative AI in Phenom’s Intelligent Talent Experience platform has been adopted by over 600 customers, supporting over 60 use cases, and saving HR teams 37,000 hours in the process. Top X+ generative AI use cases and examples of time savings include:

  • Email generation, saving Talent CRM users over 6 minutes per email
  • Generation of profile summaries, affording 15 hours back to talent acquisition teams each week
  • Development of SMS and email campaigns, leading to 35% higher response rates from candidates

Unleashing a Massive Wave of HR Tech Innovation

Phenom continues to innovate by introducing new functionality and capabilities intended to address the top challenges being experienced by talent practitioners today.

2024 Phenom platform innovation highlights include:

  • Talent Experience Engine: transforms talent marketers into strategists by leveraging large datasets to create personalised, on-brand campaigns. It enhances efficiency by unifying persona and journey data, enabling content creation, segment identification, personalised journeys, and automated outreach. This comprehensive set of tools optimises engagement and conversion for candidates, employees, and alumni.
  • X+ Source: optimises sourcing by segmenting talent pools and creating personalised journeys to attract best-fit candidates. Simply request candidates for a specific role and location, and X+ Source finds the best-fit talent, provides recommendations, summarises key details, and conducts automatic outreach to establish initial contact.
  • X+ Workforce Intelligence: connects data from employees, management, HR teams, candidates, and recruiters to provide real-time talent insights for proactive retention and growth. HR teams and managers can identify skills gaps, create personalised development plans, and designate successors based on data to find ideal candidates.
  • Talent Marketer Experience: empowers talent marketers to craft personalised content, design campaigns, segment talent, and engage effectively using AI and automation. X+ Agents guide marketers through tasks, enhancing engagement throughout the talent lifecycle via a single, unified platform.
  • Talent Leader Experience: provides recruitment managers with organisation-wide insights and individual performance data, including requisition and candidate interaction metrics. X+ Agents offer tailored action plans based on hiring type, enhancing team efficiency and effectiveness.
  • X+ Screening: enables fast, intelligent hiring decisions by offering comprehensive insights based on recorded answers, situational judgment questions, and call simulations for all job types.
  • Structured Interviews: streamlines interview processes with automated note-taking, question management, and real-time transcription. It enables hiring teams to focus on meaningful candidate interactions while reducing human error and leveraging AI for confident hiring decisions through organised and analysed data.
  • Contingent Talent Hiring: helps top brands attract contractors effortlessly via Phenom. Companies can now seamlessly discover and hire temporary workers, with integrated support for Vendor Management Systems and payroll providers for smooth onboarding.
  • Events Pro: streamlines event creation to easily target demographics through email, SMS, and registration forms. Personalised virtual event lobbies allow talent to review content, visit booths, and receive automatic event summaries via email.
  • Phenom Assessments: have expanded the existing behavioral and language assessments to include motivation and interest assessments to guide early talent to the right jobs.
  • X+ Fit Score: enables talent acquisition professionals to extend the typical criteria used to formulate fit scores, or customise the scores in the context of the role.

Companies across EMEA are successfully adopting Phenom’s Intelligent Talent Experience platform to help candidates find and choose the right job faster, employees develop their skills and evolve, recruiters become wildly productive, talent marketers engage with extreme efficiency, talent leaders optimise hiring processes, managers build stronger-performing teams, HR align employee development with company goals, and HRIS easily integrate existing HR tech to create a holistic infrastructure.

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