PayDay Employer Solutions Announces New Software

PayDay Employer

PayDay Employer Solutions, a boutique employer services provider, announced today that the company is implementing a new, more robust Human Capital Management (HCM) software platform.

The new software, isolved People Cloud, will provide PayDay customers with end to end management of the entire range of human resources functions from recruitment to onboarding to benefit enrollment to time tracking and payroll in one place. PayDay will be rolling out the new platform this year while keeping their current software, Evolution, for clients who prefer it. The company’s two-platform strategy stems from its focus on excellence in service.

“We always want to do what’s best for our clients, said Renee Deal, partner and president. “We have grown significantly, and are still growing. Some of our clients love what we have now, but some of our clients need more. Clients that need more get more.”

With this year’s acquisition of StarPay and ramping up for the new software, PayDay has grown from 17 employees in 2020 to over 40 currently and now services over 3000 customers. Services include payroll, benefits administration, workers compensation, onboarding, applicant tracking, employee scheduling, time and labor, full-service outsourced human resource, payroll tax, restaurant payroll and 401K.

Now is a good time for companies to look into the employee retention credit from the IRS. This is a $2600 per employee credit, not a loan, that many companies haven’t taken advantage of yet, leaving that money on the table. Deal offers weekly tips like this on her #TipTuesday videos on Payday’s Facebook page:

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