Opptly Joins Beeline Direct Sourcing Ecosystem

Opptly's direct sourcing solution broadens access to clients' greatest asset: talent


Opptly, an AI leader and Direct Sourcing pioneer, is proud to announce its partnership with Beeline, the leading solution provider for managing the extended workforce. Opptly’s advanced proprietary AI, intuitive user experience, and ever-expanding talent communities—both Opptly’s own and their clients’ private ones—allow companies to take full advantage of new talent sources and modernized ways of connecting talent and work.

With this partnership, Opptly delivers Beeline’s clients a direct sourcing solution that broadens access to optimal talent, accelerates speed, and drives scale. The solution also works with JoinedUp by Beeline to better manage the shift-based workforce.

“Direct sourcing is a great way for our clients to manage the ‘talent triangle’ of right cost, quality, and speed,” said Brian Hoffmeyer SVP Market Strategies, Beeline. “The partnership with Opptly provides both Beeline and JoinedUp clients with a streamlined option to manage their public and private talent communities with a provider that offers great, proprietary AI-enabled technology.”

Opptly leverages best-in-class data science, skills focus search and match capabilities, and AI/machine learning to help organizations win in an intensely competitive market for talent.

“There has never been a more exciting time to effect positive change by pushing the boundaries of AI and the ways in which we influence the connection between job seekers and hiring companies,” said Lori Hock, CEO of Opptly. “We are excited to address this critical demand in partnership with Beeline as we continue to leverage our combined capabilities, Beeline Extended Workforce Platform and Opptly’s AI-Powered Direct Sourcing Platform, to provide maximum benefit to our clients and the workforce.”

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