NTUB Business and Management Graduates Recognized as the Most Desirable Employees

NTUB Business and Management Graduates Recognized as the Most Desirable Employees

National Taipei University of Business continues to turn out highly-sought-after graduates year over year. The University Employability Ranking 2019, recently published by 1111 Job bank, recognized their graduates with a degree in business or management for their excellent employability by ranking the school first in the finance and economics as well as business management categories. Over the years, NTUB has secured a spot on the top 5 schools that produce the most employable graduates, testifying to the school’s success in nurturing talent in line with the industry requirements. NTUB therefore earns the reputation as the “cradle of the best finance- and management-related recruits”.

Dr. Ruay-Shiung Chang, President of NTUB, delivers a speech that encourages students to apply for vocational universities with their General Scholastic Ability Test (GSAT) scores.

NTUB International Programs Extends Their Warmest Welcome to Students from Thailand

NTUB demonstrates its commitment to industry-academia co-op programs that train professionals capable of addressing challenges in a business environment with ubiquitous ICT technology applications. For this reason, the school entered a strategic partnership with the Association of Leaders of Small and Medium Enterprises, R.O.C. to develop a cooperative platform through which the latest ICT technology become part of the teaching curriculum. Moreover, the school understands that technology has led the way for profound transformation in the business world. The cross-border e-commerce operation program was launched in partnership with Taiwan E-Business Association and Alibaba to channel the e-business operators’ resources to their students for an opportunity to gain hands-on practical experience with e-commerce back-end operations. The NTUB team was the final champion of 2019 University B2B Cross-border E-Commerce Competition as well as the recipient of several awards in the same contest.

NTUB’s commitment to internationalism fosters its global engagement. With 24 sister schools with which substantial exchange is facilitated, NTUB encourages their students to become well-versed in international perspectives by enrolling in their overseas academic programs and internships designed to prepare students for a career in international trade across all emerging markets. The school is excited and prepared to welcome students from Thailand to start their life-altering journey and launch an international career.

NTUB official website: https://www.ntub.edu.tw

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