Newer Elements that will volcanize the HRTech Expansion: Through Jan 2021’s glasses

HRTech Expansion

With the reformation of the face of the hrtech industry, three facets are showing the high potential of growth in terms of innovation and Human Resource Management.

January 2021 has been witnessing a lot of hrtech startups gearing up their efforts into directions that show true potential for growth and advancement. With another phase of lockdown restrictions being imposed in some countries and operations aiming to resume soon in others, management of the human resource is one facet that is keeping all the organizations on their tippy toes. But there are 3 major areas that have some imprints on the advancement landscape of the hrtech arena.

1)      Remote Work Management

2)      Integrated Workforce Collaboration

3)      Reformed Work Management


As no organization is looking at going back to completely physical operations-oriented, remote work management is gaining high momentum in terms of how small organizations can add further efficiency to their management practices of remote work.

Action1 has started offering free cloud-based Remote Management to Support Remote Workforce, making it simpler for organizations to manage the patch, set up remote desktops, access certain software, alert, and report with safety and security. The company is making the switch much more streamlined for enterprises while ensuring there are no IT, security concerns.

Though there are organizations sticking to complete remote work models, not all companies can manage or practically be able to do that. A lot of processes still need people to be present on-premise to get the job done. But that doesn’t include every employee. So, integrated, hybrid workforce models are now in action in various firms, and collaborations amongst them is another focus area. Medallia integrated its crowdsourcing platform with Slack. This platform is built to generate innovative ideas from employees and now with Slack integration, the collaboration via messaging to come up with transformational ideas becomes easier. Employees can hop on to this platform and start engaging from anywhere in the world.

While collaboration is a part of it, work management on the  whole has caught the eye of administrators and managers. As digitization takes over, unified management and experience is rapidly growing in the hrtech industry. Citrix is all set to acquire Wrike in order to deliver modern digital work management space to ensure employee productivity sustains and securely offer an array of tools to the workforce to streamline execution of their work.

Traditionally HR-TECH was considered as only as a complex automator of the core HR process, specifically, Payroll and Attendance management. But, today hrtech has broken through the glass ceiling and is catering to a number of areas that weren’t even recognized dominantly, but now are an integral part of several organizations, entirely because of the advancement in the hrtech arena! These 3 aspects of the hrtech industry show major potential in the coming years, but especially in 2021.

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