MTA Receives “Best in Class” Recognition From BMMA


Product suite puts members in charge of their WiFi and protects their devices

MTA, Alaska’s best choice for technology and communications products, has been awarded the “Best in Class” Marketing Award for the launch of MTA Shield by The Broadband Multimedia Marketing Association (BMMA), an international organization dedicated to helping Telco internet service providers and their vendors advance the adoption and use of broadband services.

MTA Shield is a suite of three apps—MTA Home Shield, MTA Mobile Shield and MTA Identity Shield—that puts members in charge of their WiFi and protects their devices. The products were launched through a partnership with global cybersecurity leader F-Secure and were successfully rolled out in a tight three-month timeframe, following extensive research and the teams’ mutual dedication to educating and empowering customers.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by the BMMA for the work that went into making the MTA Shield suite a success not just for MTA but for all of our members,” Jonathan Babbitt, Vice President of Product Management, Marketing and Sales for MTA, said. “MTA Shield ensures members’ devices are safe and secure, and that their personal data is not at risk, which is invaluable in today’s world. We thank F-Secure for their thorough efforts, comprehensive project plan and dedicated launch team, and look forward to continue helping our members keep their data and devices secure every step of the way.”

The success of this roll-out can be attributed to the research that MTA performed at the beginning of the project, which helped to ensure the product met the needs of the Alaska market in everything from pricing to the product’s names. The training that has helped MTA’s team know why cybersecurity is important, both at home and on the go, and how to educate customers while identifying the best product bundle for each family’s lifestyle, also helped elevate this launch. The partnership between MTA and F-Secure has continued through internal and external campaigns, agent training, agent events and more.

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