Medical Solutions named One of America’s Greatest Workplaces 2023

Medical Solutions

Medical Solutions, one of the largest healthcare talent ecosystems, is honored to have been named among America’s Greatest Workplaces 2023 by Newsweek, a premier global news magazine. The company is also among the top companies which received 5 out of 5 stars in the scoring.

Medical Solutions prides itself on an excellent culture, centered on a human-first approach. It is committed to creating an environment of belonging for all employees, including corporate and clinical staff. This focused effort has resulted in employee and clinician satisfaction, which leads to client satisfaction and outstanding patient care.

“As we work to create the largest healthcare talent ecosystem, we take great pride in this recognition and our ongoing commitment to providing our team members with professional development opportunities, an employee experience focused on the whole person, and a work-life balance,” said Dana Coonce, Chief Human Resources Officer, Medical Solutions. “Being named one of America’s Greatest Workplaces in 2023 is a testament to the culture that has been created and sustained at Medical Solutions.”

The company provides holistic benefits to support employees personally and professionally, including healthcare benefits on day one, generous paid time off, career advancement opportunities, and more. It also offers a remote/hybrid work environment and strives to create a work setting where individuals are allowed to show up as their authentic selves and feel supported when they do.

Newsweek, in cooperation with data research firm Pant-A Insights Group, conducted an independent survey of over 389,000 company reviews completed by employees working for U.S. companies with a workforce of at least 1,000 or more. Companies that made the ranking were regarded as offering competitive salaries and benefits, promoting equality and diversity, and cultivating a culture open to innovative ideas.

According to Newsweek, employees who like their work are more productive, and these employers have lower turnover rates. By staying at companies longer, loyal employees contribute to organizational stability and consistency. This enhances the bottom line.

“We understand companies benefit from creating great workplaces,” said Craig Meier, Chief Executive Officer of Medical Solutions. “We want our team members to succeed, feel supported, find meaning in every day, and grow personally and professionally. We go to great lengths to live out our culture, and we do not sacrifice our culture for profits. In fact, it is the exact opposite. We believe if we focus on delivering the best culture possible, profits will follow.”

Medical Solutions was also recently named as one of America’s Greatest Workplaces for Diversity 2023 and one of America’s Greatest Workplaces for Women developed by Newsweek and Plant-A Insights.

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