Lattice Expands Global Partner Network With Additions in Europe

Lattice partners with leading People and HR technology and professional services providers including Humaans and Personio as it continues to grow its presence in Europe.


Lattice, the leading people management platform for businesses with people-first cultures, today announced it has added over 100 new partners to the Lattice network. Of these new additions, over 30 partners are located in Europe, where the focus on people strategy is expected to continuously grow over the next few years.

New Lattice partners in Europe include Humaans, Personio, CharlieHR, The People Collective, There Be Giants, Talent Tactics, Equitas, Deel, and Oyster, among others.

“In a profoundly transformed work environment, companies are looking to better understand how to support and grow their people,” said Hugues Vincent, Head of Product Partnerships at Personio. “That’s why we’re excited to partner with an established company like Lattice. Lattice’s Performance, Engagement, and Growth management tool enhances Personio’s all-in-one HR solution and further helps small and medium-sized companies across Europe to drive their businesses forward.”

“We’re excited to continue to build a strong network of partners across Europe,” said Lester Lee, Global Director of Partnerships at Lattice. “The combination of our partners’ deep domain expertise and Lattice’s people strategy platform and resource ecosystem will help organisations in multiple sectors all over Europe better invest in their people.”

“Lattice is the perfect companion to Humaans, and we’re delighted to be building more together. Humaans provide the core layer of infrastructure for companies to scale and automate their HR and People technology, and we love seeing our customers adopting Lattice to drive a people-first strategy,” said Giovanni Luperti, CEO at Humaans.

In September of this year, Lattice announced its expansion to Europe with a dedicated focus on the region highlighted by a new corporate office in London. The company plans to hire 50-70 local team members across all go-to-market and support functions, including several executive roles, within the next year.

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