Kindur Launches Silvur, the First and Only App Dedicated

Built for Anyone Nearing or Living in Retirement, the Modern, All-in-One App Helps Customers Weather the Storm with Interactive Retirement Tools, a Cash-Back Marketplace, Timely Content and More

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Today, modern retirement planning platform Kindur has launched Silvur, the first and only app dedicated to helping Baby Boomers reach their retirement goals, no matter what life throws their way. According to a survey conducted by Kindur, more than half of Baby Boomers say their biggest retirement fear is running out of money, and 79.3% say they would like the process of post-retirement planning to be simplified. What’s more, since the start of the quarantine, there has been a nearly 50% increase in Boomers’ concern that the coronavirus or other market instability would impact retirement funds or their ability to retire on time. Created specifically to solve these needs, Silvur’s all-in-one app provides a modern, simple way to help people understand retirement finances and work towards post-retirement goals, while most importantly helping them make the smartest decisions to use and extend their hard earned savings hrtech news.

“In this moment of great uncertainty, Silvur has been built to help Baby Boomers weather the storm. Our mission with Kindur has always been to simplify the unnecessary complexity of retirement; and it’s now more important than ever to have the tools to make informed retirement choices,” said Rhian Horgan, CEO and founder of Kindur. “With Silvur, we aim to help this generation of retirees make smart decisions with their savings to better weather any economy and securely guide them through their lifetime achievement—retirement hrtech.”

With a suite of interactive tools, money-saving advice, and timely content, Silvur helps Boomers plan and reach retirement goals by offering personalized projections based on current income, spending, assets, and account balances. Using Silvur is as simple as picking a goal and answering a few short questions about lifestyle and finances. Financial information can be as detailed as users choose by linking accounts or estimating assets. As someone’s income changes, the progress towards their goals will too. Users can check the Silvur app at any time to see where they are with their goals and get useful savings and guidance to reach them. Silvur also automatically estimates Medicare costs and Social Security benefits to give a full, detailed picture of one’s retirement income and expenses employee wellness.

Additionally, Silvur helps extend retirees’ savings with its Silvur Marketplace that offers cash back on everyday purchases so they can save more money for their goals. With 53.9% of Baby Boomers finding it hard to identify with current retirement brands, Silvur is modernizing their marketplace through partner retailers such as Uber Eats, Walgreens, and Hulu, helping people save even more money with brands they love, making achieving retirement goals even easier.

Lastly, to help Americans navigate through retirement and Social Security while the offices are closed, Kindur is offering a free hotline for anyone in need of guidance. Anyone wishing to obtain help from Kindur can schedule a free 15 minute call with a retirement advisor at Kindur or text Kindur at (800) 961-3572 with questions. Kindur has also made available an easy-to-use calculator to estimate Social Security benefits.


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