KeeperHR uses data analytics to source the right talent


KeeperHR, the HR platform based on AI technology aims to seek the right talent fit for a position by making use of a series of imagery-led questions for collecting data-driven insights about people.

KeeperHR is a newly launched HR platform based out of the US, which was founded by Dean Graziano. This platform collects invaluable behavioral, social, and cultural insights of a team in order to match the right candidates that would fit best to the given role. HR analytics and AI tech are advancing the Hrtech arena in ways like never before.

The firm states that companies these days can utilize such data analytics, findings derived via AI, and behavioral sciences for the purpose of developing stronger teams that are more confident as well as improving the retention and employee engagement.

Vishal Ahluwalia, the CEO, and Co-founder of KeeperHR had recently made an announcement of the foray of the platform into the UK as well as Asian market spaces, for backing the recruitment teams in harnessing imagery and machine learning for discerning the character and personality of a team.

Vishal stated that during his 20-year plus career of managing larger international staff in firms such as Credit Suisse and UBS, he has recognized soft skills as an extremely well accelerator of the culture and overall success of a firm. This platform, KeeperHR gives companies the power to harness those skills.

KeeperHR is closely working with organizations such as Ernst & Young, Capgemini, First Abu Dhabi Bank, Ogilvy, Merck, Geometry, and Vodafone across the Telecom, Banking, Pharmaceutical, and Consulting sectors.

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