Immedis Delivers Secure Employee Self Service for Global Payroll

Industry-first capability simplifies global payroll admin while increasing security


Immedis, the leader in consolidated global payroll solutions, today announced that it has delivered an industry first with employee self-service. The initial solution provides for the self-service of employee banking details.

According to a Haystax survey, privileged users with access to sensitive information are thought to pose the biggest threat (60%) with regards to data breaches. Sending bank details via email is not secure as the data can be intercepted. In addition, sensitive data will continue to be stored on computers and in email sent folders, which are open to breaches.

“Security is one of the central features of the Immedis global payroll platform, and we wanted to enable employees to fully control certain aspects of their data, starting with banking,” commented Richard Limpkin, Chief Product Officer, Immedis. “This is the start of the decentralization of payroll admin, which is a key strategy for our platform and customers. This will also help reduce the workload in customer payroll teams, heighten data accuracy and enable users to take ownership of their personal data with it only residing where utterly essential.”

Immedis Employee Self Service provides:

  • Security – The platform encrypts personal information, ensuring personal information is stored securely in the cloud and that users have access only to the data they need.
  • Validation – The platform validates the bank details at source of entry (the owner of the account), intuitively guiding the employee through their completion and validation.
  • Decentralization of Admin – Reduce time and people costs by allowing employees to update their own information with no employer intervention or entry required.
  • Employee Empowerment – Empower employees with greater control over the sensitive information they provide for payroll and the peace of mind that their data will remain private and secure.

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