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Vibrant Publishers’ Human Resource Management Essentials You Always Wanted To Know” by Jaquina Gilbert was presented with the 2020 NYC Big Book’s Distinguished Favorite Award in the Business-General category.

The NYC Big Book Awards announces its awards every year. This award is presented to independent authors and publishers, as well as big and small presses. The objective of the award is to help find the audiences these books were made for. The books for this recognition are judged on presentation, editorial quality, and audience appeal.

Human Resource Management Essentials is a part of the Self-Learning Management Series by Vibrant Publishers, which is focused on working professionals. The core of every company is its people, and Human Resources Management (HRM) is the key to handling all the complexities of human relations, compensation, conflict resolution, and much more. Strategies and tactics are needed to effectively manage the human resource potential that drives all companies to profitability and success. The compact and comprehensive nature of the book serves as a guide to understand the fundamentals and practical applicability of the subject matter. This book guides readers through the challenges and provides tools to address those challenges.

Along with professionals the book also caters to management students by clearly explaining the purpose, practice and procedures attributed to HRM. The book covers fundamentals, important concepts, and well-known principles of Human Resource Management, equipping students with all the essentials of HRM one needs to know.

The book covers different aspects of HRM like the concept of HRM, performance management strategies, legal compliances, payroll and compensations, conflict management, IT in HR, health and safety, etc., in a non-technical and easy to read manner, making it beneficial even for non-HR professionals involved in any kind of manpower management.

The book has already received appreciation from top professors as well as professionals for its comprehensive nature. Here are some of many reviews the book has received:

“Human Resource Management Essentials is a clear and comprehensive foundational overview of the purpose and multifaceted role of the Human Resources function within an organization. Ms. Gilbert builds upon the history of the nature of work, pre and post-Industrial Revolution, building an important chronology that depicts how ‘work’ and ‘workers’ have evolved in response to shifting societal needs and how effectively managing human resources is a business imperative for organizational success and sustainability. Through a compelling integration of theoretical and conceptual content, relevant process models, and real-world practices and resources, Ms. Gilbert offers both a strategic and tactical resource for developing a sound knowledge base and skill set in human resource management that can be leveraged for more advanced deep-dive examination of each HR topic as well as applied in actual professional settings and contexts.”

– Carrie A. Picardi, Ph.D. Organizational Psychologist & Associate Professor of Management, University of Bridgeport.

“Human Resource Management Essentials is a basic, non-technical and easy read for anyone who wants general knowledge of the concepts of human resources. It is a great resource for small businesses and anyone who is currently in a non-HR role, but wants to understand the essentials of the field.”

– Felicia D. Harris-Foster, MBA, MS-HRM, CFE & Adjunct Faculty

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