HubEngage Launches All New Intranet Solution


HubEngage, the leading multichannel unified employee engagement platform recently launched an all new modern connected intranet solution. This all new design includes all the already available powerful features of HubEngage’s platform to reach all employees across any size company.

Continuing in the industry trend of rapid tool consolidation, HubEngage brings all the essential features internal communicators are looking for on a single platform to not only communicate better, but also recognize, reward, get feedback and drive culture all at the same time. This also helps companies cut costs and execute a powerful strategy with all the communication tactics in one easy to use platform solution.

The platform’s multi-channel approach via web, a mobile app, emails, text messaging or digital displays, lets organizations reach 100% of their workforce wherever they are, resulting in high adoption.

“HubEngage’s newly released intranet solution not only complements an existing powerful suite of apps, digital displays and an email/SMS text capability, but also reduces time and budget necessary to reach entire workforces, no matter where they are and what they do”, says Tushneem Dharmagadda, CEO of HubEngage.

HubEngage recently released an all new website as well that showcases the entire platform and all its robust features in an engaging experience. Visitors can learn how the platform can solve communication and engagement challenges for stakeholders in HR, Marketing, Learning, Talent Development, Sales, EHS and more.

“Our newly enhanced experience on our website gives stakeholders in HR, Internal communication and countless others an easy way to get started building their own employee communication platform fast. As the growing need for technology solutions to reach entire decentralized workforces grows, getting started fast with a trusted vendor is more important than ever”, said Yash Chitre, SVP of Engagement at HubEngage.

You can learn more about the HubEngage Employee Engagement platform and get started for free at

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