HRTech Leader Randstad pledges to skill 40,000 U.S. workers

Leading HRTech company expands commitment to help Americans get back to work and continuously improving the world of work


A leading HRTech company, Randstad US today announced it has joined the Pledge to America’s Workers, a national initiative to upskill and retrain workers to translate their skills to fit the demands of the industries. Through the initiative, Randstad US is focused on skilling 40,000 U.S. workers to help develop a more resilient workforce in a challenging economy exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

While employers wanted to upskill their employees for some time, the events of 2020 have just served to enhance training and development, with organizations rushing to find talent with the perfect skills to control the tech-forward new normal.

To diminish the effect, Randstad US is expanding its commitment to skilling talent. Through available programs, talent can learn new, marketable skill sets that can be transferred over the lines of industry. Randstad US will work with its partners to enable employees by giving them access to new avenues for skilling opportunities, involving free access to online learning platforms and talent development courses.

CEO of Randstad North America, Karen Fichuk, Said that “Presently more than ever, Randstad US is focused on getting Americans back to work. Despite the fact that the labour market may look different right now, our current environment offers an opportunity for career development and evolution. Randstad is committed to touching the working lives of 500 million individuals by 2030 and through the launch of new training and development opportunities, we are proud to pledge to skill 40,000 workers. The good news is, there are jobs available and we are finding in-demand jobs over a variety of industries.”

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