Francis Chan joins Talkpush as VP of Product

Talkpush brings in the seasoned executive to lead the recruitment automation revolution.

Francis Chan

Francis Chan has joined Talkpush, a recruitment automation platform, as VP of Product & Engineering. Talkpush has established itself as the global leader in recruiting automation. Francis Chan’s focus lies in instituting structured processes to render sustainable and long term approaches.

“As Talkpush prepares for a new scaling challenge, our team is so lucky to be able to count on Francis’s veteran leadership,” said Max Armbruster, Talkpush CEO.

Before joining the recruitment automation leader, Francis was part of the initial product team of SuccessFactors and saw the company reach scale, IPO and eventually get acquired by SAP. He then pursued an international career in HR technology and as an HR leader in Esquel Enterprises in Hong Kong over the past 5 years.

With this knowledge, Francis plans to promote a candidate-centric product development. “Candidate relationship management is a term that I’d like to see more practitioners get serious about,” he said. “Putting the candidates at the center of the recruiting experience is a different take to that of the traditional Applicant Tracking System vendors.”

Francis joined Talkpush after searching for an accurate solution for Esquel and realizing there was a big opportunity in the market. “We were also looking for a recruiting solutions, in particular to help recruit young talent for the company. When I came across Talkpush I was very intrigued at the possibilities and I thought it had a lot of promise — I liked the product.” Customers like Walmart, Adecco, and McDonald’s turn to Talkpush for its ability to offer a global solution with a localized approach, thanks to its distributed team philosophy.


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