Franchise Businesses can benefit from the COVID-19 Assistance Program

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US-based leading franchise software solutions provider, BrandWide has announced the launch of its COVID-19 Assistance Program to support the financially struggling franchise businesses because of the deadly wrath of the Coronavirus on the world. Many businesses are pushing to stay afloat during these difficult times, while others with aiding capabilities are offering a helping hand in any way they can. BrandWide is doing so too by making its highly-famous franchise management platform to qualified franchise businesses free of cost for 12 months.

Brandwide’s fully-integrated franchise management platform is available for both- franchisees and franchisors. The company will waive off all the costs of the platforms under this program, for the next 12 months, if the businesses sign up the month of September 2020 ends.

Manu Das, President of BrandWide stated that most of the small businesses are struggling because of the financial strain put on them by the COVID-19 aroused situations and most of the franchisees are nothing but small businesses. Like most small businesses, franchisees are also finding it difficult to find stability. The company wants to support them to not only survive but also to come out of it stronger and more capable than they were before going in. He believes that together they all will emerge out of this crisis stronger.

The businesses can make use of the features of franchise development, CRM for franchisees, centralized franchise operations hub, franchise onboarding, analytics, project management, web development, and SEO, and standardization of processes across all franchisees to automate their processes. Since this platform is cloud=based, it can be used while working remotely. The employees of BrandWide are also working from home and will be available in case of any support needed.

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