FLOWN announced a partnership with SoulCycle

SoulCycle extends beyond the bike, partners with deep work-platform FLOWN to bring focus and accountability into the distracted lives of many.


FLOWN, the virtual co-working platform offering live focus sessions to remote-workers, announced today a partnership with SoulCycle that brings the feeling of an energizing workout to the world of work. The partnership with FLOWN kicks off with the first SoulCycle-led focus sessions – called “Flocks” – available to all SoulCycle and FLOWN members starting June 26th.

SoulCycle has become one of the most recognized wellness brands globally, renown for their charismatic Instructors who lead spin classes that are physically and emotionally transformational. SoulCycle’s partnership with FLOWN shows that this same model of leading community-rich accountability sessions can extend beyond the bike, and into the working lives of distracted and disconnected people around the world.

FLOWN runs 50+ live focus sessions a week, led by their own charismatic facilitators, where professionals and students work silently together, on-camera, using a technique called ‘body doubling’. Popularized over the last few years as rates of ADHD diagnoses have skyrocketed, body doubling is the act of working alongside someone else, and provides focus, accountability and a non-intrusive sense of community. It’s often recommended to people with ADHD – but it works for anybody. FLOWN members regularly report a 5x increase in their productivity thanks to the platform.

FLOWN’s facilitators set the energy for the focus session: they provide motivation and guidance as they begin, lead recharge activities in the middle, and reflections at the end. This partnership brings SoulCycle Instructors to FLOWN’s “Flocks”, where they will facilitate a schedule of focus sessions throughout the week, injecting SoulCycle’s brand of motivation, energy and personality into people’s day as they work. This boost in accountability not only improves one’s productivity in their jobs, but can also turn tasks like decluttering one’s home, completing tax returns, or practicing an instrument, into communal experiences.

“In a post-COVID, AI-saturated world, there is a deep need for accountability structures that leverage real humans and secular rituals,” said Alicia Navarro, Founder and CEO of FLOWN. “I started FLOWN to bring these structures into how we focus at work, and SoulCycle’s approach was an inspiration to me at the time. To partner with SoulCycle now paves the way for even more people to discover the power of live focus sessions.”

“Our mission is to move people to the world: physically, mentally, and emotionally,” said Evelyn Webster, CEO of SoulCycle. “On FLOWN’s platform, SoulCycle’s Instructors will continue to impact our riders’ lives beyond the bike by providing them with the same energy, motivation, and focus that riders experience in studios.”

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