Cyberbit Range, the Hyper-Realistic Cyber Training Platform, Comes to the Cloud

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Cyberbit today announced that its world-leading simulation platform for training cybersecurity professionals, Cyberbit Range, is available as a cloud-based offering. With this offering Cyberbit has made it easier for organizations to provide their cybersecurity teams with advanced simulation exercises in a simple, cost effective manner, anytime, anywhere hrtech news.

Cyberbit’s cloud-based cyber range enables security teams to experience real-world cyberattacks simulated in an immersive virtual environment that mirrors a corporate network. Trainees respond to the attacks using commercial security tools by leading vendors, including major SIEMs, firewalls, and endpoint security products. By experiencing attacks in an environment that closely resembles the real-world, cybersecurity professionals significantly improve their performance and reduce response time during a real cyberattack. Exercises span across multiple blue and red team roles and include both individual and team exercises in varied levels of difficulty. Some of the simulated attacks include ransomware, DDoS, Trojans, worms, file-less attacks and web server exploits, all based on real-world malware hrtech.

“We are on a mission to transform cybersecurity training from theoretical to experiential,” said Adi Dar, Cyberbit CEO, “We’ve seen massive demand for our on-premise cyber range, and our goal is for every cybersecurity professional in the world to gain access to simulated hands-on training. With the cloud-based cyber range we enable more trainees, as well as our partners, to access our catalog of cyber simulation exercises, anytime, anywhere, to ensure that every security team is prepared for the cyber-attack that will inevitably come.”

The cloud-based cyber range includes virtual instructor capabilities enabling trainees to practice independently and receive feedback automatically, without the need for an instructor. Trainee performance is evaluated by a set of sensors and is assessed according to the NIST Incident Response Lifecycle, including Detection and Analysis, Containment, content management system, Eradication and Recovery. Additionally, the cloud-based cyber range is aligned and mapped to NICE Work Roles to ensure that any trainee is compliant with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to uniformly work across the cybersecurity industry.

The cloud offering has already been launched with select Fortune 500 customers and enterprises over the last few months, and is available across North AmericaEuropeAustralia, as well as select countries in Asia. It is available both for enterprises to train their cybersecurity teams and for partners and service providers to launch their cyber range training services.

The cloud-based cyber range will be demonstrated live at Cyber Tech Tel Aviv and at RSA 2020 in San Francisco. During these events Cyberbit will be offering free simulation training.


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