Core BTS is a NorthCoast 99 Winner Again

Core BTS

Core BTS, a leading IT consulting firm and integrated solution provider, is proud to be recognized by ERC as one of 99 great Northeast Ohio workplaces. This is the fourth consecutive year that the company has received the NorthCoast 99 award.

The NorthCoast 99 award recognizes great places to work for top talent — people that drive results, provide competitive advantages, and allow businesses to innovate and grow. Developed in 1999 by ERC, NorthCoast 99 consists of an application that collects information from employees on organizational HR policies and practices and an event that celebrates top‐performing companies.

From employee wellbeing to total rewards, the 2022 award program focuses on the policies, practices, and programs companies have in place for attracting and retaining top performers. While each of the honorees received strong feedback that led to their selection, Core BTS exceeded benchmarks in every category measured.

“In a competitive market like consulting where top talent is critical to success, this award is especially gratifying,” said Gina Logozar, Vice President of Human Resources. “We are thrilled to be recognized for our dedication to identifying and nurturing the top talent that allows us to deliver the results our clients expect.”

“It’s no surprise that the 2022 NorthCoast 99 winning organizations are leading our region! These outstanding companies prioritize the employee experience, offering attractive benefits and innovative policies that today’s workforce demands. We’re thrilled to recognize the winning companies and look forward to sharing their success stories,” said ERC President Kelly Keefe.

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