Contingent Workforce Management Innovator Unveils RatePoint

New RatePoint market-rate intelligence application enables organizations to more quickly source and accurately price contingent labor anywhere in the world

Contingent Workforce

PRO Unlimited, a global innovator in contingent workforce management, today introduced RatePoint, a new SaaS application that provides employers with on-demand rate and hiring intelligence for professional contingent positions globally. RatePoint further extends PRO’s comprehensive and integrated platform of contingent workforce management software, solutions and data offerings.

Historically, a lack of market rate intelligence has prevented organizations from fully optimizing hiring decisions, resulting in significant unnecessary spend through paying higher market rates by role and/or location. PRO’s RatePoint platform changes this paradigm by offering instant access to the world’s largest market rate data repository.

RatePoint uses this vast data repository and PRO’s advanced technology to help companies optimize their contingent workforce. It also enhances an organization’s entire spectrum of services and contingent strategic sourcing, including outsourced services providers (SOW). Lastly, it streamlines and standardizes their contingent taxonomy across markets and job descriptions, all from a purely vendor-neutral strategic approach, offering unbiased hiring intelligence for the modern workforce. The application also creates value via seamless integration with PRO’s industry-leading Vendor Management System (VMS), Wand.

“Companies have long sought easy access to market rate data for their white-collar, specialty-skilled positions. This need has accelerated with the coronavirus pandemic, the strategic importance in the war for talent and an uptick in remote work across the U.S. and globally,” said Kevin Akeroyd, CEO, PRO Unlimited. “Our new RatePoint platform enables organizations to gain a deeper knowledge of billing rates and hiring trends, so they can make more informed sourcing decisions that optimize the cost and location of resources. As a critical component of a holistic technological ecosystem, RatePoint will help companies drive their businesses forward as part of their human capital strategy.”

Key benefits and capabilities of RatePoint include:

  • Easily and accurately price and optimize contingent labor globally
  • Understand how labor costs vary in different global markets, leveraging the world’s largest market rate repository and dataset
  • See how rates are impacted by different skills, locations, rate/engagement types, job levels and more
  • Quickly perform real-time, side-by-side data comparisons
  • Enable optimization across all job descriptions, as well as all services outsourcing

PRO leverages over 25 years of market rate analysis expertise with Fortune 1000 companies, and on average generates tens of millions in cost-savings for its clients annually. The launch of RatePoint continues PRO’s evolution to a strategic advisory, intelligence and business decision partner leveraging its world-class data, insights and analytics. With RatePoint, leading organizations will be empowered to make informed hiring decisions for all their positions – anywhere in the world.

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