Comeet and Spark Hire to Merge; To Bring New Talent Acquisition Era

Comeet and Spark

Comeet, global leader in collaborative recruitment software, has announced its upcoming merger with Spark Hire, a top-rated video interview platform. The merger combines complementary technologies to present users with the most comprehensive suite of products in the talent acquisition space. The transaction was facilitated by Boathouse Capital, a private equity firm and current investors in Spark Hire.

Comeet, established in 2013, is an award-winning applicant tracking and candidate management platform. Serving a diverse range of customers, including renowned enterprises such as KPMG, Fiverr, and, Comeet makes hiring a more efficient, effective, and enjoyable process for everyone involved in talent acquisition. Meanwhile, Spark Hire has revolutionized how businesses scout and secure top talent. Its user-friendly video interviewing platform has made it a leading choice for thousands of organizations worldwide.

The synergies are clear: with shared target markets and complementary recruitment technologies, Comeet and Spark Hire have a combined customer base of over 7,000 companies. The two product suites of this merger stand to offer the most comprehensive recruiting and hiring solution for the talent acquisition industry. Post-merger, both products and brands will continue operations and customers will benefit from continued investment in new offerings and functionalities in each of the platforms.

“Comeet’s strong international presence, highly-rated applicant tracking system, and solid customer and revenue retention profile make this an ideal partnership for Spark Hire,” said Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire, emphasizing the strategic importance of the merger. Omer Tadjer, co-founder and CEO of Comeet added, “Our mission at Comeet has always been to create the best and most comprehensive platform for talent acquisition leaders and everyone involved in recruiting. The merger of Spark Hire and Comeet will help us continue to see that vision through.”

Anton Fedorov, Comeet’s Investor at Flashpoint Venture Capital, shares enthusiasm for the merger. “We are proud of the great achievements demonstrated by Comeet since we invested back in 2019. Cooperating with Omer Tadjer and Tommy Dikerman all these years has been a pleasure. We believe that the merger with Spark Hire will unlock many synergies by combining complementary recruitment technologies.”

This merger marks a pivotal point in the talent acquisition space. With the combined experience, complementary technologies, and an exciting shared vision for transforming the talent acquisition industry, Comeet and Spark Hire are poised to drive the talent acquisition industry forward at an unprecedented pace.

While the terms of the transaction are undisclosed, Comeet investors (Flashpoint VC, Cresson, Upwest VC and others), Comeet leadership, and key employees will benefit from this transaction.

About Comeet: Comeet is an award-winning applicant tracking and candidate management platform (ATS) used by forward-thinking, mid-market and enterprise customers (KPMG, Fiverr,, and more) around the world. Founded in 2013 by Omer TadjerTommy Dikerman and Omer Gottlieb, who saw the need for a better way to hire, Comeet is designed to make hiring more efficient, effective, and enjoyable. The comprehensive ATS offers strong collaboration, communication, automation, and reporting for recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates, as well as customizability, elastic recruiting, and smart search features. Comeet is passionate about empowering organizations to secure the talent they need, right when they need it. Investors in Comeet include Flashpoint VC, Cresson, Upwest VC and others.

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