Boundless Immigration acquired Bridge

Acquisition makes Boundless the first tech-driven, end-to-end immigration solution for personal, professional immigration


Expanding its suite of immigration services, Boundless Immigration announced today its acquisition of Bridge, a startup at the forefront of visa application processes for the global workforce. The merger underscores Boundless’ transformative approach to immigration, uniting business leaders and individual immigrant families to provide a holistic solution to the immigration journey, addressing both corporate immigration strategies and the personal challenges faced by the global workforce and their families.

“Our combined vision is clear: streamline the system, eradicate its inefficiencies, and most importantly, elevate the journey of every immigrant worker seeking opportunities in the U.S.,” said Xiao Wang, CEO of Boundless Immigration. “Whether it’s assisting an applicant with a travel visa for an interview, supporting the transfer of an H-1B, or shifting from an H-1B to a marriage green card – we’re the first company to recognize that the global workforce is only as effective as the families that drive them, and comprehensive immigration strategies are paramount to innovation in the U.S.”

Through its thoughtful software solution and comprehensive legal expertise, Bridge has helped more than 1,000 companies not only hire international talent, but also to build and launch company-wide immigration strategies. Boundless and Bridge have helped more than 150,000 immigrants coming from more than 170 countries achieve their immigration dreams, and now, they’ll combine efforts to address the needs of immigrants, employers, entrepreneurs, and their families to build their businesses and their lives in the U.S.

“By joining forces with Boundless, Bridge is amplifying our capabilities, ensuring that our existing customers experience an even more seamless and comprehensive immigration service. We’re building an ecosystem where immigration processes become immigration strategies for businesses, and now, for families too,” said Romish Badani, CEO of Bridge.

In addition to making immigration more accessible for everyone, Boundless’ introduction of Bridge’s purpose-built software and legal expertise will empower companies to:

  • Access Global Talent Pools: With Boundless and Bridge’s easy-to-use software, companies can determine the best immigration plan for their candidates, and hire with fewer immigration status constraints.
  • Enhance Employee Experience: Boundless adds a seamless experience, driven by its history as the leading consumer immigration company, to a company’s international workforce to positively impact satisfaction and retention.
  • Ensure Compliance & Gain Insights: By adding Bridge’s compliance and reporting features, Boundless ensures that a company remains in line with legal requirements while providing data-driven insights for decision-making.
  • Strengthen Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategies: Boundless and Bridge can help businesses build a more inclusive workforce, a foundation of diversity that fuels innovation, growth, and employee satisfaction.

“This acquisition will allow customers and clients to receive industry-leading support from anywhere in the world, regardless of their location or time zone,” Wang said. “We want to help businesses to build and scale their immigration programs and benefits on their own timeline. Boundless, now with Bridge, aims to make immigration simple and to make hiring immigrants a no-brainer to access the best talent in the world.”

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