Betterworks Named Talent Management “Best Comprehensive Solution”

Award solidifies Betterworks’ position as a holistic, continuous performance enablement solution


Betterworks, the leader in modern enterprise performance management solutions has been selected as the recipient of the prestigious “Best Comprehensive Solution” in the Talent Management category by Lighthouse Research & Advisory. This recognition underscores Betterworks’ commitment to providing a holistic, end-to-end performance enablement platform that drives higher productivity and better bottom-line performance for organizations.

“We are thrilled to receive this award from Lighthouse Research & Advisory as it highlights our dedication to creating a comprehensive solution that empowers business and HR leaders to drive positive HR transformation,” said Doug Dennerline, CEO of Betterworks. “We believe that HR leaders have the power to impact employee experience and drive business results through employee engagement. When work is better for people, companies thrive.”

The HR Tech Awards program aims to spotlight HR technology companies catering to employers and employees worldwide, providing valuable insights to HR technology buyers and employers regarding the top-notch solutions within the industry. As per Lighthouse Research & Advisory, the HR technology industry currently boasts over 5,000 providers. The HR Tech Awards recognized 1% of these companies.

The Talent Management category of the HR Tech Awards recognizes companies that have demonstrated exceptional expertise and innovation in delivering comprehensive solutions to enhance talent acquisition, development, and retention strategies. Betterworks stood out among a pool of competitors by offering a groundbreaking approach that redefines performance management in the modern workplace. It was specifically highlighted as being the comprehensive solution that solves the core challenges of businesses in the enterprise market and in high-growth companies.

“Our research indicates that company growth is a ‘make or break’ moment for the employee experience,” said Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory. “Clients using Betterworks during that critical period not only support employee performance–they also create more connected and valuable cultures to support every individual.”

Since its inception in 2013, Betterworks has been at the forefront of modernizing performance management for enterprises. Traditional approaches, such as annual performance reviews, have proven to be ineffective in today’s agile business environment. Betterworks recognized this need for change and developed a platform that enables more frequent employee check-ins, resulting in improved performance and morale. The platform delivers a range of outcomes, including retaining top performers, cultivating better managers, ensuring alignment between employees’ work and organizational goals, generating tangible results with goals and alignment, sustaining a winning culture amid rapid growth and volatility, and developing and strengthening workforce skills and competencies.

Betterworks is focused on the unique needs of enterprise and high growth companies and supports the complex use cases of such organizations to support a dynamic workforce and workplace, comply with local and international regulations, integrate with existing and future investments, and keep data safe. DEI features include AI that helps eliminate unconscious bias in performance evaluations, and accessibility features, such as closed captioning, screen readers, and contrast colors for hearing- and visually-impaired employees. Betterworks also works with customers to develop and implement a customized change management program that involves thoughtful strategic development and planning.

This “Best Comprehensive Solution” in Talent Management award further solidifies Betterworks’ position as a leader in the performance management space. The company’s commitment to innovation and delivering exceptional value to its customers continues to drive its success.

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